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Songhai backstab/mech idea

Howdy y’all,

So I was making decks the other day when I stumbled across these two cards;

So i was like, “Well lets see what i can do with this!”
This is what I made,

The idea is to spam backstab minions and keep the enemy preoccupied then surprise them with either a Mechaz0r, or a backstab minion with killing edge and deathstrike seal.

I know i didn’t put any draw heal or removal. I though mist dragon seal and deathstrike seal was good enough for removal, and i’m not sure what to do about draw or heal, please help!

Warm regards,

P.s. sorry about my accident in my last post, and thanks to the people who caught it.

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Do we need to take you to A&E!?


There are no 2 mana backstab minions in our deck for Kaido-kun to pull with his ability ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

~desu (◕‿<) *:・゚✧


oh haha, whoops. Ill change it

here is my new version. (already, i know)
\maybe we can spam the other persons cards, who knows.


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What about draw? Any way to slot e.g. Sojourner?

right but what should i replace?

Replace mizuchi for bakezoris (or if you want spice, twilight reiki)
Replace deathstrikes for juxtapositions.
Replace ghorns with massaccre artists.

first one works, but deathstrike is kinda part of the combo. idk maybe

Alternatively, replacing mizuchi with mind cage oni has a better curve and grabs removal to make up for d seals.
I still think reiki is VERY strong in this deck, because getting less expensive mechazor progress cards is :ok_hand:
Also i dont see any lit d seal combos man, the only good d seal combo and really only d seal combo out there is battle pando, but it rotated.
Juxta is a kaleos staple and one of the best songhai cards in general.

Also you may want to consider cutting chassis for ASS, because it keeps amazing curve if you make those optimal changes I suggested with reiki and artist taking the 4 mana slot, and ASS is amazing with backstab proc dudes like artist, bandit, rigger, and kaido.

Unfortunately that plan doesn’t work since Reiki pulls from a pool of random Songhai minions not from the pool of minions in your deck.

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Crap i just reread the card

Nevermind bakezori all the way :ok_hand: thx pho

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