Sometimes you just need to Alt+F4 and do something else


Just a reminder to everyone who may have gotten really frustrated with the game at one point or another. Heck, a reminder to me in a week or two when I forget this.

Tonight I was trying to find a budget Kara deck – I lost every game with every deck. I tried some Songhai decks for a quest – lost every one. I went back to my tried-and-true Magmar deck – lost every game of that too.

And I was like “this is not actually fun right now” and shut the window.

Tomorrow is another day.

Just a thought, hope it helps some of you.


This is a good approach to the game. sometimes you’re just not lucky playing and to keep going will only increase your losses due to tilting.

Take a deep breath and step back from the game, come back with a clear head.

So thanks Qeltar for starting a thread with a sensible message. :slight_smile:


Very good advice. Everything in moderation. It can be especially frustrating when you’re trying to climb the ladder and you’re on a terrible losing streak, continuing to play will just continue to tilt you, when it’d be better to just quit while you’re ahead.


Thanks guys.

I was actually streaming at the time, and I felt bad about it, but I had to say “sorry all, I need to shut this down”.

I absolutely refuse to tilt while streaming. Nobody wants to hear that. And when it stops being fun, you have to move on.

Hopefully my friendly regulars and even some new folks will give me another shot tomorrow. :slight_smile:


today was a weird day, the nerf made the ladder super weird, and i lost to 10 card i didn’t expect, so your tip is super ussefull when you are in this type of situation, relax, maybe watch a movie and come back, i like to listen to some music and study and then come back to the game. you even feel like you become better at the game


Reva was the first thing that came to my mind when I readed the title


I’m gonna alt-f4 for the months to come because I only have one s-rank viable deck- vetruvian.

Jk, imma still try to play but I’ve been trying alternative methods and still play testing.


Try Crankyhai, it’s a weird way to play Songhai and doesn’t feel nearly as dirty as Spellhai, Burn Songhai or Baconator


man im playing a crankhai and im in love with the deck


I threw an empty coke can at the ground and said “I hate this fucking game.” Then quit. 2 hours later I’m trolling the forums and casually ladering, CCG’s just have that way of making you rage, laugh, whatever.


What’s Crankyhai? :stuck_out_tongue:


It runs Zendo, Cyclone Mask, Crescent Spear and Pandamonium and it’s viable in s-rank. That should give you an idea as to how epic it is.


Amazing deck, SO MUCH FUN


That does sound like a great time. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the only 2 ways to play Reva non-cancerously, the other being Arcanyst. Kaleos is always awesome tho


Respectfully, this thread is not about Songhai builds (which I have no interest in ever running).


Songhai took the ladder, now it has decided that wasn’t good enough and now is invading your threads! Will the tilt never end?


True, but what can I do when Vet is semi-disabled?
Go take a look at the replays in Diamond and S and tell me how many Reva you see compared to Vet.


That sounds like something that will make my wallet bleed. Oh God, guess imma play sajj with troll cards now, like fountain of youth.


yup, tilt. just faced a reva that got spear, cyclone, and bloodrage…all in the first three turns…that’s not uninteractive AT ALL…didn’t even play a minion besides one bbs. Time to take a break.