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Sometimes I Don't Know What Y'all Talking About:The Duelyst Dictionary for Silver Scrubs(just cloudfrog actually)

So I thought I’d learn the linggo by lurking reddit and this forum long enough. I was so wrong. Also it’s kinda gets hard to follow discussions. It feels like I’m making the learning curve steeper than necessary, you know? So yeah I’ll put up a list of things I don’t know. Hopefully It’ll turn to a dictionary for me and my fellow silvers. (Are there any? feels like y’all in S-rank or smth)

tldr; help a scrub. explain to the scrub
if you’re also a scrub, add more terms to the list

Things I still Don’t get:

  • pretty much every acronym that isn’t BNEA or CPG

Things that I now know:

  • control
  • ramp
  • curve
  • midrange
  • power creep
  • ramp
  • tempo
  • value

bringing out cards that are more powerful for the same mana cost and slowly bringing up the power level for cards as a whole over numerous expansions over a long period of time, making older cards more obsolete as time passes.

p.s. See this shit? it sounds like I’m asking about skateboarding and not a card game lmao

edit: Haven’t really thought of how do I go about updating this. tell me if there’s a cleaner way to do this.
I’ll be be doing the rest when I’m 100% sure I get it. I’ll also probably switch out some things if I get a more concise/cleaner explanation.

Also, thanks! didn’t expect answers so fast.



Power Creep






I have a vague understanding of these words, at best. Let me try to put it into words. I hope at least some of these are correct

Control: The thing that Vanar does to elaborate, not allowing the opponent to do jack shit. Keeping them under control
Power Creep: Something about factions getting more power. Don’t really know how to word it properly
Ramp: Using stuff to get shit done without really having to care about curve.
Curve: Mana distribution. Most decks have the graph showing mana distribution forming kind of a bell curve.
Midrange: I never actually figure this out, either. You

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Control - clear board, keep health up, dont let your opponent do what they want. Try to get to the end game where your stuff is better

Power creep - though similar to shadow creep its different enough to warrent a different name. Its putting things in the game that are similar to existing things, but better in every way so the old thing dies forgotten in a corner

Ramp - being able to put out expensive things out before you normally would be able to. Like turn 2 spectral revenant

Curve - how to build a deck so you get the most out of your mana. Using 5 mana when you have 5 curves out perfectly, using 2 when you have 5 isnt. Youll also see the bar graph showing the distribution of x mana cards and youll find that makes a curve if you do it right.

Midrange - somewhere between aggro and control where you let your minioms do the fighting, but dont just sit in a corner on the opposite side of the board

Power Creep: Making a new card objectively better than an older card, with no real situation for the older card being better in any way. A good example is in Hearthstone with Booty Bay Bodyguard (5 mana, 5/4 taunt) and Evil Hecker (4 mana, 5/4 taunt). As it is the same card but costs 1 mana less, making it a power creep card.

Sometimes Power Creep is also referred to as bringing out cards that are more powerful for the same mana cost and slowly bringing up the power level for cards as a whole over numerous expansions over a long period of time, making older cards more obsolete as time passes.

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If only there was a completed FAQ somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:.

Anyway my explanation.

Control: A control deck is one with tons of removals, essentially stopping your opponent doing stuff and thus controlling. Usually delaying enemy and ending with late game threats.

Power Creep: (New) cards being stronger than other cards, usually with no disadvantage. e.g. Lavaslasher to Brightmoss Golem. An extra ability for nothing.

Ramp: Getting things out earlier. With cost reduction, e.g. Darkfire Sacrifice and Flash; Mana gain, e.g. Crystal Wisp (Vanar stuff).

Curve: See mana distribution of deck. Usually is roughly a curve. Low curve having tons of cheap cards. High curve having more high cost cards (say 5+ mana).
If the curve doesn’t look smooth you might get inconsistent hands.

Playing on curve meaning you plan to play a card with cost to match how much mana you have.
e.g. Turn 1: 2 mana card. Turn 2: 4 mana card (with tile). Turn 3: 4 mana card. Turn 4: 5 mana card. Etc.
So you use mana efficiently (no left over mana) and since you only play one card each turn you don’t burn down your hand size so you won’t really need card draw.

Midrange. Somewhere between all out fast aggressive aggro and slower control decks. Somewhere in the middle of the range.

Ramping Cards: Mana Vortex, Abjudicator, Deathfire Sacrifice, Flash Reincarnation

Power Creep Example:

Old - Dancing Blades, New - Lavaslasher (though note, this is faction specific, so huge debate can be had here)

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the examples makes things even clearer for me. I’ll add them tomorrow. Thank you!

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i wish there was. Learning is only fun whe it’s not being such a pain in my spellsword-probed ass.

Control: this is a playing style that focuses on removal spells or effects in order to destroy an opponent’s early game and stay alive until late game, where your deck is strongest. Features a lot of powerful minions to maintain steam during later turns.

Midrange: this is like a fusion of aggro and tempo playing styles that plays minions generally good for the curve on the first couple turns, then plays aggressively with 4/5 mana cards to finish off opponents. Fairly unique concept to Duelyst. You’ll see the term “Midrange Vaath” a lot, which is starting to get a little dated now, but features many powerful 4/5 mana cards like taygete, lavalasher, and elucidator (though this card has fallen a little in popularity since the thumping wave nerf). This deck type likes to have some burst available to finish opponents, as they run out of steam in very long games.

You do know I read pretty much every single post on this forum…:kissing_smiling_eyes:

It really comes down to me being very busy with personal family issues and work. Also, new stuff gets added to the game faster than I can keep up…
I’m still committed to finishing it, don’t fret about that.:sunglasses:

It is just going to take a lot longer than I had hoped…due to factors. Feel free to post to the construction thread anything you think is helpful.

just make the darn thing then append it with the new stuff
even if there are 3 different slightly wrong FAQs it would be better than none at all

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Thank you for the suggestion. Please remember the rest of the post…family issues.

I plan to work on it over the coming holiday break.

Also, feel free to post or link any info to the construction thread. :sunglasses:


MDG - Mana Deathgrip
MDS - Mist Dragon Seal
BTA - Bloodtear Alchemist
BMP - Bloodmoon Priestess (now Bloodtide Priestess and also rarely seen, may she Rest In Peace)
IF - Inner Focus (also not often used nowadays)
EMP - Are you serious? On one card he pulls the only card in his deck that nullifies my board? Now there’s a 9/9 in my face I can’t clear, and the board I worked so hard to accomplish is useless. What the heck are the odds, this is ridiculous.
KE - Killing Edge
CC - Chromatic Cold
BS - when your opponent topdecks perfectly every turn
ETC - Etcetera etcetera etcetera…

FAQ - Something Isbee will never finish :upside_down_face:


You forget things like MDS, Rev, EMP (wait a second)


Edited just for you love :slight_smile:


I always thought it meant Crowd Control. Huh.


on the whole power creep thing, it is usually only talked about when the cards that are made obsolete are acctually seeing play, for example, the fact that ki beholder (3 mana 3/2 range and og:an enemy minion cannot move next turn) is a strictly better fire spitter (4 mana 3/2 range) is not really relevant as nobody in their right mind played fire spitter. I cannot think of an example of relevant power creep of the top of my head, other than that there are more synergies than before, so decks are stronger.

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right? cc means crowd control in every other game. stupid trademark acronyms -_- makes things more confusing

Can we throw ‘value’ and ‘tempo’ on this list, I’ve never been entirely sure what they mean? Also hello fellow scrub @cloudfrog!!

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Alright I will! I only have a vague idea of what they mean, which is to say I don’t fucking know either.

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