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Some untested interactions


I’ve always wondered what happens if your opponent gets decimus and you get ruby rifter. Will it kill you instantly?
And if your opponent uses Thumping Wave on Z’ir and kills your general BEFORE Zir gets transformed, what wil happen?

If someone knows the answer or can test this i would be very happy. And isnt it curious to you aswell? What other interactions have bothered you?


I don’t know about the first, but I do know that your general will become the 3/3 bunnies in the second interaction.


Will it be a battle pet and able to use artifacts?


Those are some pretty good questions, I’d like to know the answers to them as well.

If you have the cards, you can enable sandbox mode through this thread - T2k5's helper scripts

Although if not, you’ll have to set it up with a friend or have someone else do it for you.

I have thumping wave if you need some help with that one


If you thumping a Z’ir and you kill the general before it turns into a rabbit, you still win. We had someone do it before, it’s pretty funny tbh :stuck_out_tongue: As for the first one… My guess is that it only works once or maybe twice, kinda like the Taygete vs Taygete scenario. If a taygete is hit by a taygete, it would mean an infinite cycle between the two, but instead, Taygete nº 1 (after being hit by an external source) will hit Taygete nº 2, which will hit Taygete nº 1, but it stops there. It’s my guess at least.


I’m pretty sure that Zir will become a 3/3 battle pet and lose the game, I read something like that in Reddit


Based on previous interactions, the first one will only trigger once. Your general will be damaged, triggering Rifter to draw a card. The , decimus triggers, dealing 2 damage. That damage trigger is counted as being is the same “cycle” as the draw trigger so it will not draw again. I’ll test this in sandbox later.


After doing some testing we found out that

Firstly: decimus+ ruby rifter will not result in infinite loop. As maelrawn suggests, game operates on kind of ticks and one event cannot happen more then once per tick per target so this prevents loops from occuring, but this is not official. What is official is that decimus will hit your opponent only once.

And secondly, you will never be a cute rabbit( For all of you, magma players out there, using thumping wave on your opponents zir before killing enemy general will result in you winning the game after the transformation.

And again, a huge thanks to maelrawn for helping me to test it out.


Damage is resolved simultaneously but animated sequentially. Therefore, triggers from damage only occur once per source of damage. This is why trade-killing Shadow Dancer (for example) or vice-versa doesn’t proc her ability.

I don’t know about Thumping Wave on Grandmaster Z’ir. Assuming the game didn’t automatically end upon killing the General, I have a thematic theory about this:

  1. Grandmaster Z’ir immediately became the General but still considered a minion

  2. Upon ending the turn, Z’ir turns into a pet

  3. As pets can’t be controlled by the player by default, Z’ir is no longer able to act as a General (read: bunnies can’t be trusted with such power)

Pretty sound, right?



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