Some musings about Mogwai


I recently noticed that the color of Mogwai’s armor and helmet greatly resembles that of the Vetruvian units. This and the fact that his ability (draw a card after he moves) rather fit the Vetruvians with their different ways toi draw more cards has made me wonder wether Mogwai is perhaps a former soldier from the Vetruvian imperium, or perhaps a mercenary who fought for them long enough to earn a sand shield of his own.

I originally noticed this while pondering which cards to disenchant so I could craft a few Starfire Scarabs. I still have my Mogwai and managed to get enough spirit by participating in the gaunlet and sacrificing some cards I didn’t need, but if the Codex ever reveals that he is a deserterfrom the Vetruvian imperium I will definetly use him to craft some Vetruvian cards, just because it would be incredibly ironic and most fitting. Of course, this is all speculation ^^


He’s originally some Spanish twitch streamer with a Brazilian flag :slight_smile:


Fun Fact: Mogwai, like all Vetruvian non-structure characters, wears a white mask. If you look closely, you can see that all Vetruvian units have white masks, From Rae to Oserix. Only Iron dervishes do not have masks. All the more reason to change its sprite.

The descriptions of Kaleos, Reva, Zirix, and Sajj’s alternate sprites all mention something called a “Sand Shield,” which seems like a sort of augmentation. so the Mogwai character might be wearing one to protect his luscious beard.


Alright, i didn’t know that. Neat to know though. Does he have a beard anything like that of the sprite?

^ Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! He really looks like he used to be a Vetruvian soldier. And Sand Shields are actually a device originally created by Atar (later Atar Starstrider) a Astari who discovered the star crystals of Akram and used them (among other things) to power these devices. They were originally armor designed to be worn and meant to protect the wearer from the heat, the sand and reduce the need for water, but as Atar continued to refine his craft he discovered a way to integrate the Sand Shields into the body to almost completely eliminate the need for water of the wearer in a process called the melding. The melding became a civic duty at a certain age, leading to other Astari calling the people of Akram “Vetruvian”, which means remade man.

This and much more is all included in the codex chapter “The Star Crystals of Akram”. It’s a personal favorite <3

In short: The Vetruvians are essentially a nation of transhumanists (or transastariists) and i like them even more because of it :smiley: