Some love for Zir'an


I would love to her bloodborn to heal generals aswell just a thought, how good would she be. <3


For a suggestion this is pretty low effort. Usually you want to put a bit more than that into your thread, especially when it’s about a mechanic that greatly changes the way the general is played <3

OT: She’d be too good.


Sorry no enough english vocabulary to make an essay, It was just one of those “what if” thoughts. But Youre right


Dude. Duuuude. That.would be sooooo OP. She’d be unstoppable starting turn 9. +3 health every turn. That’s even cringier than me using two Earth Spheres at once !


I’ve pondered this as well.
She’d have to go down to heal 2 like hearthstone priest, I think it’d be acceptable if that happened


Better to heal 1 if that was to happen someday (which I think shouldn’t: would be too broken imho)
Priest has no heal interraction whatsoever (well it has but shitty ones^^)
Healyonnar once, having the opportunity to trigger a healing effect can spiral out of control in a matter of turns, Sunforge lancer and sunriser would allow tremendous value and pressure for a very cheap payoff.
I think it all boils down to how good the cards that interract with her healing are.
And in that case, I think they are very good, that’s why I think Zir’an has to stay that way.
I think improvements should be made on the side of making that healing a possibility in a more reliable way.


I think itd be fun if it was something like deal 1 damage to a minion then heal 3 health which makes Zir´an a lot more versatile, changes the playstyle slightly while still retaining the heal theme of her deck but giving zirán some more tempo controland more options


The reason she doesn’t heal herself is that unlike Priest in Hearthstone she can always attack, and can always attack the enemy General. So after a certain point she’d always be doing twice the damage the enemy General can do back.


I think Zir’an is unpopular for the same reason that Holy Immolation is popular (Holy Immolation does not require a proc, while Zir’an’s BBS does). Perhaps if her BBS could be used on full-health minions, she would see more play on the ladder.


Maybe if it only healed the general one point. Otherwise it’d be far too strong


I think it’s worth exploring Zir’an being able to heal herself for 1 just to proc heal synergies, since it’s so hard to use the BBS right now.
Additionally, I think it’s worth exploring Kaleos being able to teleport himself 1 square with Blink.


good suggestion it would make reva irrelevant and top tier meta deck would have to bow down to lowest tier heal goddess


Heeeeey look who’s back! I missed you.


i was actually off duelyst for 2 weeks trying out a game but that game lost my interest after reaching high ranks it was literally 2 to 3 decks on ladder there was no diversity so ye im back now.


That’s what I was expecting from you, Sensei, there were no worthy oponents for you.


What game was it?


shadow cough cough rhymes with herse


Turn around
Look at what you see
In her face
The bloodborn of your dreaaaaams
Make believe I’m everywhere
Healing in the light
Written on the forums
Is the answer to a Zir’an mirror match
Ahahah ahahah ahahah…


And then there’s Sajj with an ankh that will snipe off all your sunforge lancers and Rashas your arclyte. On a serious note, finally got to try out Healyonar. OH MY GOD. SO FUN! Like. The value you can get if one Silverguard Knight sticks to board is absurd. SVG > Holy Immo > Lancer + BBS. So much fun.


I think that zir’an being able to heal herself wouldnt be as strong in lategame as many other BBS just outvalue her (just think about saj’s or vaath’s BBS). But being able to guarantee sunriser’s proc would be pretty strong and limit the power of heal synergy minions(just think of it as better Vaath’s BBS with sunlancer on board I dont think that this would be OP though. But the setup to use her BBS efficiently is very high. Spell requires a strong damaged minion on board to be useful and at that point her opponent is already loosing. I suggest making her BBS “Restore 2 health to a minion and give it +1 health” or restore 1 and give 2. This would make this BBS more proactive and as a result more usefull.