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Some Dooly poems, feedback greatly appreciated

Hey you guys might remember me about half a year ago talking about making some poems as part of a school project for the forum’s enjoyment, well here is all I got. I figure I’ll hide some lines and titles to have you guys guess the card each one is based on for fun.
Feedback is an essential part of my assignment so about half of these have a survey which I’d really appreciate anyone taking the time to fill out, though as a note the questions are half geared for other students at my school as well as they are for this forum.
I really hope we get some more creative writing posts back in here, like the poll ventures were super fun, poem contest, etc.

Super biased (all) towards Vanar.


The hidden text and title: Ancient Grove
The survey for this one: https://forms.gle/D8uCp2LZtLrEddvn8

Sight of Resplendence

The survey: https://forms.gle/wQhPeC4NSfcPuZjy6

Aspect of the Bear

Survey: https://forms.gle/91CAXDgYkgsGm9z27

I wish I knew how to use this card

Hidden title: Cryonic Potential

A Fae's Delight

Survey: https://forms.gle/G3ig4qU4uZLtc7wJ8

Aspect of the Mountain

The OG one

Hidden title: Aspect of the Ravager
Survey: https://forms.gle/YCEDx9Yy9St13iJ5A

Most annoying Vanar card to non-vanars; cutest ever for vanars

Hidden text: Snowchaser

The Aspects Series

Survey: https://forms.gle/BaAMCgctPPfqQzcH8

Wish this boi was used, lightning blits also

Hidden title: Aspect of the Wyrm

Voice of the Wind


Very nice, very nice.

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VotW and AotB are my personal favourite <3


Very cool poems, thanks for sharing!

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Nicely done :slight_smile:


These are petty great. I’ll take time to read them after I finish homework.


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