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Some control magmar advice


Hello there! I would like to know your thoughts on control magmar as well as what card should i consider crafting for playing it (i have all dust necessary). For example, is it worth crafting Methamorphosis, or kraigon+evolutionary apex etc. and if you have some decklist that would like to share or have some feedback on, feel free to share :slight_smile:


I believe Keeper Vaath is a great control magmar deck.


Unless youโ€™re me, then it becomes aggro. That takes me back.


Aggro? How? Saberspine and Eludicator spam?


Ive been playing a lot of drogon vaath with a heavy control shell. I dont play anything like metamorphosis, more things like saurian finality, vaaths brutality, and homeostatic rebuke. My list works well for me, i woukd be happy to share but im not at my pc at the moment. I have a post on reddit on oneof the first two pages with a little write up onthe deck, maybe its the type of thing youre looking for. Id be happy to share the list here when i get home, but that wont be for a little while.


AFAIK, metamorphosis is crap. But Iโ€™m not a Magmat player.


forgot that card existed. iirc that was the old school emp. there are better legendaries imo. that, and it is so unsafe to play that vs malicious wisp or swarm.

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