Solo Gauntlet - taking the multiplayer out of CCGs since 2017


Bear with me as I segue completely into something NOT Duelyst to illustrate my suggestion.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends features a solo iteration of Gauntlet that has quickly become my go-to mode for progression/card collecting and casual play. And since AI games can be interrupted and resumed at any time, it’s also my default mode when there really isn’t time to play but play I do regardless, and during those long deep orbit debacles, polar perils, and other spotty connection scenarios which would have me ostracized from the community before too long.

You can read more about the implications and my unbridled passion for this mode in this Reddit thread. But in short, the ticket and drafting processes function exactly like a regular arena (TESL’s Gauntlet analogy). But instead of random players, you’ve a choice of 8 AI opponents (drawn from a large pool of pre-constructed decks), some of which might also bring with them permutations to rules or circumstances (often advantageous to the AI, but not always). If you defeat all 8, you face a boss, and victory will improve your solo arena rank and offer greater resistance next run.

And it is just TONS of lots of fun. Which is not bad, considering that it is also a great way to familiarize yourself with cards, combos and fundamental strategies, build up skills, and grow your collection.

In the end, we’re all here to go (real) face. But the wonderfully exciting tension and focus of multiplayer is not always desireable (for reasons of data loss, convenience or confusion). A solo Gauntlet would offer an alternative to versus play that - unlike challenges and practice - is not limited in progression and rewards, and neither in challenge and variety.

Challenging and interesting AI play that also offers unlimited progression is just about the only thing I miss in Duelyst, next to mobile support. While downright idea thef… uhm, homage is beneath the innovative minds of Counterplay, I hope something at least distantly related to TESL’s solo arena might find its way across the realms to Mythron.

But dressed up and resplendid in all its pixelated murderous minitiature glory, of course.


I am pretty sure that the main issue here is to make a somewhat decent AI, which is way harder with the complex interactions that duelyst has due to its board than it is in a normal card game. I mean sure they could just give the AI tons of handicap bonusses, but that would be pretty dumb tbh.


More than just 100% seconded for Mobile and Solo Gauntlet (Quest-friendly) support as top priority.

Coincidentally, a few days ago, I also refered to the TESL Solo Arena Mode when submitting a request (about a game bug) to the Support Team, indicating some strategical advices about what to do in order to develop such a game mode more comfortably and easily/faster.

The Team behind Counterplay should consider the suggestions made by Ayjona and me as a special free-of-charge business advice. It is not just a like-to-have-wish, it is necessary to grow player base, enabling access to the financially strong spare time gamer generation and thus generating turnover and hence, must be implemented before other companies do. They will.

Best regards,
A 40+ year old financially strong spare time gamer.

Loves PSO Episode 3 C.A.R.D. Revolution. R.I.P.


Some form of casual-friendly (single player?) contents would be good for the game. When I’m on a losing streak, I typically quit Duelyst before tilting and losing too many chevrons. If there was a less competitive mode to play every now and then, I think I would play more.


Seems like Ayjona´s idea does not get too much love, at least based on the User reply rate seen here and on reddit. Which is a pity. :frowning:

In my opinion, it´s not too much of a hassle to implement that game mode. It is some extra work for the Dev Team, for sure. And to be honest, it is also somewhat difficult to forecast how a new game mode will pay out.

But what does the general player base, I mean YOU all, think?
Will it split the userbase, enhancing queue time? Or will it de facto attract more people, like those old farts like me who simply do not always want to join the oftenly stressful competitional fray. Who also enjoy some kind of loose challenge vs AI, willing to pay their dues.

I mean, refering to PSO Ep3 (which is still uncontested when it comes to gameplay feeling, atmosphere and musical impact, though it´s a bit slow by today´s standards), I enjoyed playing this game offline AND online, and paid my monthly Hunter´s License of 9.99 Euros each month just to support the great work Sega has put into this game (beneath the one-time charge for purchasing the original game disk).

I don´t know… I see so much more potential for Duelyst, but of course it all depends on some business decisions. I would not necessarily argue to implement such fluffy 3D Animations, rotatable grid and more engaging soundtrack like PSO Episode 3… (this would take forever) … but some more PvE Content will definitely not harm the competitive game community.

At least mobile support is coming soon, so let´s see what will happen over the course of this year. :slight_smile:


It’s a good idea, but unfortunately all ideas for new things to do in this game either get ignored or answered with the mantra “it will split the playerbase”. Meanwhile the game stagnates, same thing month after month, a few new cards added here and there, while veterans stop recommending it and move to other games that offer more interesting things to do.


Thanks to everyone who´s supporting the idea!

This is another game mode which will not split the player base and enhance queue times - as this one will definitly attract a totally different audience, (just to solve the rhetorical question above). Those are people who´re really confident in paying for playing because everything in life has a price and we know what we´re paying for (enabling other gamers, especially from poor countries, to purely go free to play for this game).

Bottomline, there is nothing to lose, everyone will win. It´s just up to the devs.

Anecdotually, yesterday I bought another Elder Scrolls Legends Arena 6 Pack for 9.99Euros. Just imagine this money would have transfered to Counterplay for a similar Solo Gauntlet mode!

What would you like to see in Q1 2017?

I agree completely. I am terrible at arena/gauntlet, but the solo one was always more enjoyable for me.


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