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So, what's wrong with Shim'zar?


I don’t know for you guys, but, aside from Magmar nerfs but that’s not much of an issue, I love this expansion. Really. The addition of Battle Pets, much cute, much useful,and a lot of new cards, that’s all I needed. Now, call me a gullible fool if you want but, I don’t even see what you guys find is wrong with this new update. I was reading through the posts and it just looks like everyone is saying Shim’zar was a bad update. I don’t get it. Why. This game is great in this state. Why so much hate. I’m already a die-hard fan of this game, maybe my opinion is biased but I don’t really see anything wrong with it.


The cards are good. The balance doesnt seem broken atm. The thing people are mostly uproaring about is the technical problems. For example, the drops for the packs (rarity wise) were changed without previous announcement, apart from that, there have been a lot of interactions that have been bugged and are a huge problem when it comes to things like mana vortex discount working for everything as well as fractal.

Thats about it really, beyond that, i agree. The cards and gameplay have been pretty nice.


Huh ? What’s mana vortex ?


"The next spell you cast this turn costs 1 less. Draw a card at end of turn"
Songhai Spell/ 0 mana

Basically, you use this more than once, and all discounts are given to every spell you cast, disregarding the “next spell” thing, giving you insane turns, aside from making you draw and stuff. (I dont remember if its permanent)


Hate is a very strong word you know. There isn’t much, if any hate. I don’t recall reading a single post of someone disliking the new expansion so much that they’re quitting the game or anything similar. People don’t like certain mechanics and that’s normal, just like some people do like them. The expansion did introduce lots of new stuff and some people don’t know how to feel about them just yet. The only real problem are the bugs introduced.

Either way, I don’t see the point of the thread nor what kind of productive discussion is supposed to spark. “I don’t dislike the expansion and some people do and that’s weird”. At least try to look at things from their perspective.

Please stop overreacting, saying how majority of people dislike the expansion is just false.


I wanna say it’s great, I’m a Vet player and its a breath of fresh air to be ladder viable again. Im kinda scared that everyone who has gotten destroyed by Nimbus will yell at me. I have no shame.


Why would people yell at you for winning? Nimbus is hella Op but vets been dead for a long time so it’s fine that they get some strength. I feel kinda sorry for Magmar mains tho.


Don’t be, for we are immortal and shall rise again!

long live magmar!

But actually though, wtf is flaming stampede?


Shim zar is wrong because shim zar ddnt give me the wraithling support I was promised


Blood marionette? The one that doubles a wraithlings stats?


Blood baronet just enables more 24 damage wraithling #lilithememechaser combos. Nothing we needed

What we needed was a early game method to let our dumplings survive cheap aoe and a mini reaver.


You mean Bloodmoon Priestess?

[edit]Largely, what’s wrong with Shimzar from a game-design standpoint is the fact that many of the cards the devs obviously expect people to get excited about are some form of “big pile of conditional stats with no immediate impact.” I’m sorry, Counterplay, but there really isn’t a pile of stats big enough to warrant twisting a deck around so long as it does nothing upon arrival. It didn’t work with High Hand, or Portal Guardian, it didn’t work with Blood Taura, and it’s not working with Visionar, Pantheran, Mandrake, or especially the (literally) epic failure that is Calculator.

The only exception is Abyssal Juggernaut, and it’s only an exception because the “condition” is something that is a completely natural part of playing the deck anyway, so it’s less of a condition and more of a question: how OP will this Juggernaut be?

And even then, that’s still not good design.


Priestess doesn’t bring anything new to the table and suffers from the same vulnerability that it used to.

Post-shim’zar wraithling decks look the exact same as they used to with the exception of Kron which is a nutral and could be a monthly reward as far as this argument is concerned


My point is that Priestess is exactly the card you need to avoid early-game AoE, so your request seems kind of moot.


No its not moot (I do love that word though)

Priestess can still be delt with in the same turn your opponent wipes out 50% of your horde. Leaving you to replace your DFC and default to curving out reaper-reaver-revenant.

Baronette and Shadow Steal are redundant considering the damage buffs we already had. We ddnt need more buffs for our potatoes, we needed more survival tools. That’s my complaint.


These two are the big “wrongs” in my book:

  • Inquisitor Kron needs to be STWed. Dr. 5 (x3) is cloggin’ up the 5-slot worse than Dr. 7 (x1) the 7-slot in Hearthpetrification. CPG, you can’t be Sirius. Oh wait, you are. Doge Star. =S

  • The Egg rework tuning was…er…unprofessionally bad, which meant all three Magmar Legendary cards were garbage. That was very uncool. =S

There are a few less bothersome ones like too much Vetruvian power being once again concentrated in one card (Falcius obviously…well, I suppose Pax does help quite a bit, too, but still), Battle Pet AI not being a deterministic system (sigh), and such (mostly minor), but for the most part I think they have done a pretty good job with the expansion. =D


Mandrake is great though.


Okay guys. I get the point, I think I do at least. I wasn’t online for a certain time so I couldn’t answer but, yeah “hate” was not the right word. I think this thread can now be closed.


2 many memes 5 me[quote=“Sorostaran, post:16, topic:3216”]
too much Vetruvian power being once again concentrated in one card (Falcius obviously…well, I suppose Pax does help quite a bit, too, but still)

Doesnt mention Nimbus.


It’s good, but it’s not in Falcius’s tier, or even Falcius’s little sidekick’s.

If more opponents would be kind enough to provide some conveniently placed Battle Pet or Shadow Creep or something, then it could be very good, like Aymara Healer good, but not “wrong” good, like Dr. 5 good. =S