So What'd I Miss?


Kudos to those who get the title reference.

So I got S Rank a couple months ago and took a break from duelyst. Now I am back and looking to play. What kind of decks are emerging with the Shimzar expansion? I am mostly looking for Abyssian and Magmar archetypes.


There a lot of decks right now, ranging from city vetruvian to aggro ziran (yes, this is now a thing). There are also things like vespyr kara (yes, im talking vespyr for a good 75% of the deck) and GM zendo decks. So yeah, a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

As for abyssian… Swarm is officially dead. Ramp is still being tested… and it appears creep abyss is still the go to abyss decks, but they look expensive as hell, with things such as ghost azalea, klaxon and obliterate being all legendary (so a total of 8100 spirit).

As for magmar… Growmar is really fun to play. Spawn the moloki headhuntress with/and something else on board, and suddenly, hell is spread. Dont forget to add fractals as well for triple tilt action :stuck_out_tongue: (nah, its actually decent as a 2 off) Eggmar I havent seen much of, but the one time i played against it, i got rekt because chrysalis burst, yes you are hearing this right, it STUPID good, since eggs now hatch at the beginning and things have rush ^^; As for starhorn… well… Smash_things has a zoo type starhorn but starhorn is still a mediocre general.

Hope this helped, and Good luck out there :smiley:


shadow creep got a big rework and is now extremely good if you are rich enough to get legendaries (not so much otherwise). i’ve been having some luck with a dying wish swarm deck, but its still not that great.
taygete got a slight nerf and is now merely good instead of awesome/auto-include
CP gave a lot of support for grow and rebirth decks, though they aren’t as good as aggro used to be
songhai is the same as ever, with a few more stabhais than usual
vetruvian got really good all of a sudden.
vanar got a lot of support for vespyr and wall play


starhorn isn’t mediocre, he works wonders in replace gimmick decks :stuck_out_tongue: