So what will the other wisps look like?


Wisps, we only have two of them, but we’re already shipping them (sun & crystal wisp OTP) so with duelyst further expanding what do you think the wisps (if any) will look like? Will they follow the geometrical pattern, will they be some weird shape, what are their names, and what will their shipping names be?! this is obviously of utmost importance
This post has been a long time coming


Earth Wisp:
OG: Give a friendly minion Rebirth

OP, but I still hope


Fire Wisp:
Dying Wish : destroy a random nearby enemy minion


well we have a crystal rhombus and a near spherical sun.
lets go with a tombstone like cube or a spiked ball like dark seed for abyss
shadow wisp: 2 mana 1/1 when this minion takes damage, deal that much damage to the enemy general

maybe a spiky pyramid or egg for magmar
earth wisp: 2 mana 1/1 dying wish: all friendly minions grow
nature wisp: 2 mana 1/1 dying wish: hatch a friendly egg

a completely spherical mist ball for songhai
mist wisp: 2 mana 1/1 opening gambit: draw a spell card

and a curvy sand wisp for vetruvian
sand wisp: 2 mana 1/1 dying wish: restore 5 health to your general


I think this would be better !
Dying Wish: Cast Phoenix Fire

Fits Songhai more


Enough with Phoenix Fire !

Already have Lantern Fox, Geomancer, and standard PF cast from hand, gief some RNG ! :stuck_out_tongue:


But RNG is evil! It’s written in the Great Makantor Book!


Will they all be Platonic solids with one spherical one to round off the 6?

Lyonar: Icosahedron, card draw (exists)
Songhai: Tetrahedron, deal damage
Vetruvian: Sphere, gain movement
Abyssian: Cube, spawn wraithlings
Magmar: Dodecahedron, gain life
Vanar: Octahedron, gain mana (exists)


As a proud lieutenant of the KFC (Kaleos Fan Club) I reprove your false church and your warty green fat idol.


Sand wisp 2 mana 1/1

The aspect of a little gold engine with a luminescent globe in the middle

Dying wish: draw a random obelisk from your deck


Dying wish: the next non-minion card you play cost 1 less


You dare call Makantor fat, you heretic!


Calm down you two, you’re going to make mother Aymara cry.

Yes I’d assume that CP would try and stick to that theme, but any specifics on abilities? (The Abyssian one sounds like another blood moon priestess no offense)

I like your ideas, but any particular reason why magmar is a pyramid rather than Vet?

Sounds pretty. So I’m assuming that the dying wish is applied to spells as well? And i don’t really see any obvious synergy with vet cards (kind of fits the faction actually) so any reason behind that or is it just a utility card?


i was thinking them up in the order theyre in and i thought that with all the spikes in magmar, like tectonic spikes or the various spikes on minions i thought spikes for the wisp. and what shape is a spike? kind of a pyramid or cone shape. since cone didnt seem like a good shape for a wisp, i went with pyramid

besides, i think the curvy nearly amorphous “living sand” thing fit better with sand than any other shape


So would the wisp be in constant motion or static?


it would be in constant motion just like all the other sprites, it would just look like an S (its a line instead of a multi-sided polyhedron)


The effect on a play perspective:
The thing is, vetruvian has already a lot of utility cards that helps artifact (“restore full durability”) and obelisks (“obelisks in your action bar cost one less”). The only one missing are spells, the little sand wisp to actually see play (like the other tw…oh) must have a little stronger spell-buffing effect since abjudicator already makes them cost one less (and to make it more viable to sajj the effect affects artifacts too)

On a “lore” perspective:
The new lore behind sajj and zirix talks about a time converter machine/artifact/engine (and time maelstrom is real so they aren’t lying. Irrelevant), this little wisp could be something like that, is a little machine which brings a glimpse of future to the user (i feel stupid), thus reducing time to cast spell or equip artifacts or allowing him/her to be more reactive to enemy plays.

The “heart” reason:
It would be so cute i finally decide what to put as profile img


Can we get Will O’ The Wisp Neutral Unit as an achievement, when you have all the other wisps?


we’ll the name for the vet wisp will be star wisp, how do i know? Reading The Codex.


Well going off of the idea that all wisps have 1 health and give you exactly one of something (sun: card draw; crystal: mana ramp), I’d think they will look something like this;
Moon wisp (Songhai)
3/1 Opening gambit: deal 1 damage to a unit

Glass wisp (Vetruvian)
1/1 Dying wish: equip a random artifact from your hand

Obsidian wisp (Abyssian)
1/1 Dying wish: summon a wraithling and shadow creep tile on this tile

Volcanic wisp (Magmar)
4/1 Opening gambit: give all nearby friendly minions +1 attack

Or something like like that, might change my Magmar and abyssian idea later~


You know what, that’s an interesting thought now any ideas on what it’ll look like?