So, what prismatics did you guys pull


if any of you don’t know, in the new patch, if you opened a certain amount of packs before prismatics were added into the game, you get a certain amount of free prismatic cards. i don’t know if it scales based on the amount you opened but i got 19. and i just wanted to know what other people pulled. the highlights for me were my 3rd aylmao healer, which i needed since i started to main vet, a z’ir, ironcliffe heart, and mogwai. I can’t wait to make a janky z’ir revival deck where you never die :stuck_out_tongue:


i got 3 legendaries: sky phalanx, aegis barrier and envybaer who is turning into an aylmao healer soon xD

got some epics too, but those are the actual highlights.


who’s phalanax?


edited: sky phalanx … notice that i didnt have it xD


mirkblood, the scientist, jaxi, and a few more not worth mentioning


I didn’t look at them at all, but the notification number on collection was 65.


so it must scale based on how many packs you opened prior to the patch


I got a prismatic serpenti. I win.
It was the only one I kept lol


Aspect of the mountain, Black Locust, and Golem vanquisher :confused:


prismatic night fiend, silvertongue corsair, dancing blades, grove lion, and scientist


Nothing special, got just enough mana for a legendary :slight_smile:


47 cards, here are the Epics and Legendaries
Lyonar: Fighting Spirit and Skywind Glaives
Songhai: Cyclone Mask, Lantern Fox and Pandamonium
Vetruvian: Mirage Master
Abyssian: Black Solus
Magmar: Iridium Scale
Vanar: Aspect of the Drake and Ancient Grove
Neutral: Golem Vanquisher, Hydrax, Hank Hart, Unseven and Dark Nemesis


19 cards, these being the most notable ones after 5 or so epics.

Just got to wait till they buff them for that sweet 3600 spirit, I even have 3 of the regular ones.


Zendo, oseryx, vindicator, twin fang, elder, metamorphosis, coldbiter, gravity well and hydrax.
The lower rarity ones are not really worth mentioning.


2 epics and some trash for a 17-season player \o/


Among other things, I got Lady Locke, Spiral Technique, and Blood Taura. Not the greatest pull, but pretty cool regardless.


Some of the notables here are:
Ghost Azalea, Spinecleaver
Chrysalis Burst, Mandrake, a bunch of other Magmar cards.
Now I suddenly have 3 X Prismatic Thumping Wave :grin:
Looks like a sign to play Magmar :grinning:


Got a Sunforge Lancer, Heaven’s Eclipse, Storm Kage, Paddo and Grovelion. Other than that, not much of note. Oh well, got spirit :slight_smile:


Prismatic Koan of Horns and Rook. Becouse my life seriously needed some expensive memes.


I got prismatic Pandora, Zendo, and nether summoning among other cards.