So, what just happened in this game?

#1 My last match on an alt account, what you’re going to see is me futilely attempting to move my general and play my cards. Is this just a visual bug? Because I’ve never experienced anything like this before! I can’t seem to move or play any cards, I never seem to draw any either! At the end of the match, I never received a defeat screen and had to hard close my duelyst client through the task managers.


I hope everyone else can see this thread, because I can’t. This isn’t really a tech support issue, there’s nothing that can be done about this, it’s not a concurrent problem. I want to know if anyone else, generally, has seen anything like this before? The last time I had a thread put in tech support I never got an answer either, and nobody replied to the thread for about 3 days!


Hi Karma, what most likely happened was a game desynch between the client and the server, it can happen very rarely. I apologize for any issue it might’ve caused.



I experienced the same bug. But it wasn’t at first turn. Impossible to play anything, my connection OK…
It happened two times for me: it always was like my opponent take too long before ending is turn and I wait until the countdown bar appear and when finally it’s my turn: nothing. I can’t do nothing. So I Alt+F4, the sound of the game continue even with the game closed… And I have to reboot my laptop because it freeze.

I never experienced this before.

Thank you for supporting


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