So, what about the new quest system?


Now that the dust has settled down, I think we can all do a more serious and clear analysis on how the new quest system integrates with our playing habits. Let’s try to not make this a rant thread, but rather a place where we can identify strengths and weaknesses of the new system. Also, let’s try to avoid speculations and conjectures: let’s stick to direct experience.

After these few weeks, I have to say that the new quest system is better than I expected. Overall, it seems that by playing the same number of matches per day (4 to 6) I gain slightly more gold than before. In the best case scenario, I’m able to complete both dailies (70 gold), while in the worst case I do 1.5 dailies (45 gold). Overall, I’m relatively satisfied with this income, since victories help me getting some extra.

My biggest gripe with the new system is the lack of flexibility. Some days it’s hard for me to play and the Welcome Back quest is a lacklustre compensation. The developers mentioned that the nerf to WB was going to be compensated by other economy changes, but we didn’t see them. The other issue I have is with the single faction quest: if I get a faction I don’t main, I can either lose a quest or lose chevrons.

Are your experiences similar to mine? What do you think about the new quest system, based on the longer experience we now have?


We don’t have to try, there is nothing to rant. On average I play the same number of games as previous and I earn more gold. Something around 150 a day. For me the new system is just better than previous one.


It’s all good. I am playing the game a bit more than I used to but I don’t feel like I’m forced to do it. I got used to the new system very quickly and it’s working very well for me.


Same here, the gold income seems incredibly generous, even more so than before. My only gripe is the faction quest issue of getting one I don’t play but that is more me not playing every faction instead of CPG messing up the quests.


I really like the consistency of what kind of quests I get. I do find myself playing more to get that 50 gold quest, but it never feels like a grind, it just feels like my goal for each day. Overall I feel like I’m getting more gold and I’m more satisfied with these new quests in comparison to the old ones.


So if you are satisfied there’s really no reason to discuss anymore!

I haven’t done the math.
Most days I play around 4 games a day and it feels like I earn the same amount of gold, maybe a bit less then before. Math would tell me that it’s less I think because most of the time I have to ignore the faction quest. Before there was a better chance of getting what I want.

Asuming it’s about the same gold:
It’s less fun to play because the lack of diversity and the slow tempo of rewards.
The new quests are kinda… meh. If they were a card you wouldn’t play it because it would be too clunky. Also the “getting 15 every 3” instead of “getting 10 every 2” is a bad play I think. People like to get rewarded. With big quests and a slower “get X for Y wins” you are rewarded less even if the math tells at the end of the day it’s the same when it comes to gold.

All in all I think people have the chance to earn more gold when completing the big quest every day. And they get (slightly) less gold when not. But it feels less rewarding all in all - so I’m not encouraged to play more now. In contrary - I play less then before.


Why not to like something that gives you more gold? The new system rewards players who play more and I think it’s fair.


Sorry - I misunderstood your words “end of story”.

So, yeah. As we can see the people seem to like the new system. Me, personally, don’t like it that much but it’s OKisch. The slower reward-tempo is my main criticism here, not a lower amount of gold (if it’s lower - I don’t know).


All in all, I like it.

However, just the other day I did kind of rant a bit in silence because one game where I killed many minions did not count (‘hit a snag’) and every.single.battle.afterwards was like 2-4 minions only. People didn’t play that many minions quite often, and I didn’t run into any Lilithe.

So it took a loooong time. Next time I’ll be replacing that quest (it’s weird because before I easily completed it in 8 or so matches, but this time it was so much longer).


150 gold each day - 1 gauntlet each day, before i play 1 gauntlet each two days, new sistem is better in my opinoin


My only problem with the new system is the variance in the 50g quests. The play 8 games quest is fine, since everyone knows roughly how long that will take to complete since game length rarely extends into a long time (~10 mins). So usually takes less than 45 mins and it won’t really take much longer than that if needed. But the deal damage to generals and destroying minions ones can vary wildly. Since if you end up playing against a lot of spell songhai, spell heavy decks or ones that keep the generals out of the way then it can take a long time to do. On the other hand against swarm, or a general with a lot of healing it can be a lot quicker to do, since you can deal more than 25 damage to a general. Best I’ve done is 49 damage to a general in 1 game.

Think overall, I’ve ended up making less gold but then again I don’t play that many games on average per day so that’ll probably make sense for me to earn less.


I mostly play a single faction, before there was a decent chance I’d just get two different faction quests and get basically no gold that day, Now I have a guarantee of at least one quest that I can complete with any faction I want.

But as a person that gets salty and mad rather easily, having to play more games to complete that quest usually results in me making vows to never touch this damn game ever again, only to break that vow on the next day because new daily quests arrived.


Here is the thing, if you are newish to the game like I am, and do not really care about rank, it is a slight improvement. I have to play the game for longer, but I get a little more gold.


I do agree that is nice to get a lot of rewards. That also makes it less annoying when I’m 5 gold short of a spirit orb.


I do appreciate the 50 gold quests allowing me to use whichever faction I want, but I do wish there were more variety in the quests or even an extra quest slot with more “quest-y” type quests; such as “Destroy 5 minions that cost 5 or more” or “Heal 8 different minions.” There could be just a little reward attached to each per day or make it a weekly quest with more required with greater reward or a different reward. Something like “Destroy 60 minions using only minions with rush,” or even make it more faction oriented with “Summon 150 Wraithlings” and reward spirit randomly sometimes in place of gold. I don’t know; just more variety is what I am getting at here. :nerd_face:


Nice contributions, thanks everyone!

Based on the discussion, it seems most of the forum players are happy with the quest system. Common suggestions for improvement include:

  • more flexibility: having faction-specific quests forces one to either ignore them or lose ranks

  • more variety: having new quests would be cool

  • more “sprint”: the rewards come in slower

It seems to me the first two issues could be solved by including more quests, likely deviating from faction-specific quests. But if someone has a different point of view, please comment


Hearthstone not too long ago added more quests similar to those you mentioned like play 20 taunt minions as an example. However, the problem with that is not every class uses taunt minions and so if you play using a class or deck without taunt minions you basically got a quest you’ll never complete without going out of your way to do so or switching the quest out. The nice thing about the current 50g quests is that you don’t have to go out of your way to do them because it happens naturally throughout the course of playing the game. Of course the faction specific 20g quest has this problem, but considering most players seem to play at least 3 or more factions (64% play 3 or more faction according to a forum poll) you tend to at least have a 50% chance to get a faction you want without swapping it. I wouldn’t mind having more variety of quests as long as its achievable with all factions without having to go out of your way to do them.


I’d like it if Faction selection were even further de-emphasized (Gold reward and Requirements lowered) to make place for esoteric Weekly challenges that encourage playing all kinds of different ways. ‘Play 20 matches with at least 12 Golems in your deck’, ‘Play 15 matches with a deck that has >20 spells in it’, ‘Summon 3 Serpenti during a single match’ etc., whatever, you think of some more stuff.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the current system. I particularly enjoy the Frostfire challenge and wouldn’t mind CPG experimenting with more of that kind of thing (even using greatly reduced rewards). Even simple rewards like temporary Titles on the forums can go a long way towards encouraging consistent daily play. Just spitballing here, obviously.

Daily Quests Diversity

I like the idea, but I’m a bit worried about newer players - the ones that need the gold the most- who still lack a decent collection of cards, so challenges that require specific cards might be out of their reach.
I agree that the frostfire quest is definitely a step in the right direction though.


Let’s be honest: everyone has Serpenties. That was the first card I crafted.