So, um, yea, Hi. I'm a new player


I can coach you, I really enjoy helping people learn the game.

Im also a f2p player whos hit s rank, so I can say from experience this game is really easy to play without spending that much or any money.

If you want to practice hmu


I can second everything here but it’s more so if you want to get really good at Vanar.


Exactly what a person who secretly loves purple would say.


I love purple and don’t see anything wrong in it.

I also like Deep Purple.


My advice is to try every faction for a bit , use the daily quests to get a taste for each, they’re all quite different.

If you start being bored with one change it up, and maybe ask here if your not sure about which cards are worth scrapping and creating (i jumped the gun on a few before myself)

It’s a great game though so enjoyyyyyy :smiley:


aaaaye welcome to the forums. all sorts of people here. or maybe it’s just more obvious since we play different factions. who knows lol. what i do know is that a lot them are pretty cool.


Okay, let me tell you something.
These other fools? They’re all scrubs.
Rank 1 S Rank? Nah. That’s like the kiddie pool.
Look at me. I am rank 25. Highest rank in the game.
You’re probably wondering how I got here.
It’s simple, really.
I crafted a full playset of SPINECLEAVER.
Best card in the entire game. Guaranteed winstreaks even if you don’t have it in your actual deck. It’s that powerful.


I wish you could coach me to achieve HIGHEST RANK 25.
The highest number in the game.
Seems impossible.


The impossible can be achieved if you believe in the Heart of the SPINECLEAVER!
You need only to believe! And craft Spinecleavers. That too.



Do the impossible, see the invisible…

I hope OP doesn’t take most bullsht that happens here seriously…


Welcome to the community!

Play what you want! It’s a game! Have fun!






Now this is what I am talking about.

@saltystabwound my spinecleaver is the spinecleaver that will pierce the heavens!


For faction choice:
Vanar is cancer,don,t play it
Abyssian is cancer,don,t play it
Vetruvian is cancer,don,t play it
Lyonar is cancer,don,t play it
Songhai is cancer,don,t play it
Magmar is cancer,don,t play it




That leaves neutral faction :slightly_smiling_face:.


Welcome to Duelyst!

Here’s some general advice about the game:

  • Take your time to think about your moves. Try to anticipate how your opponent can react to your positioning
  • Core spirit orbs have the best value, and Mythron orbs have a bonus reward for the first one and every ten you open, up to 70
  • The lore of this game can get pretty deep, if not fragmented. The codex is the main backstory, but some cards have hidden lore snippets.
  • Getting 5 complet sets of rare (blue dot) cards for each faction (including neutrals) gets you a very good bonus reward.
  • Enjoy the pixel art

Songhai is the right way to play the game

I’m not serious but I am


Do the impossible!


Play full deck of Thunderhorns without a general. You can’t lose.