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So, the population


As it stands fucking smite is about to beat CP to the punch. I know their a small studio and programming is very time consuming but if they have time for all this other shit, then they can focus up and speed along the mobile release.


Okay, just a quick commentary on this. Programming is hard. They are a small team. Building a game ostensibly twice for Mobil takes a lot of time. Making new content for the existing game doesn’t take much time because it’s basically just adding some art and a short script for the minion.
Also last I checked, CPG has a larger design and art team than a programming one? So, give them a break and maybe learn a bit of code before demanding something.


I’m not demanding anything, I want a game that is as fun as it was last month, I want the mobile release so I can play when I’m oit and about. I would have loved to play with my friends, get them to invest in this game, but CP failed to meet their estimations and lost out on current and potential players. I don’t like that they changed the basis of card crafting to facilitate more profit and I urge that the fix issues before the game ends up dead. Duelyst is still one of my favorite games, I would hate to see it fade away.


And “programming” is just a generic denomination.
Like “playing instrument” :slight_smile:

" Oh, you’re playing Mozart on piano for 10 years ? Grab that guitar and let me hear some Django Reinhardt ! Come on, I know you’re playing instrument. "

This thread is more and more … surreal :dizzy_face:


Its more accurate to say time consuming, as I did, but people love to rally against anyone who brings up negetive points without realising that negative criticism exists as an effort to bring flaws to the attention of the developer.


Sorry but I call bullshit on that, there is no effort here, just people whining.

Effort is something you can see when a player tries to bring something to the table to make the game better, for instance by creating Tournaments, making amazing ools, building a FAQ for newbies, or compiling issues on a particular topic (yeah, self-promotion, shame on me).

These are genuine efforts that help the Community and devs.
In this thread, can’t see any solution. Most people are just wanking at numbers and complaining on how the game is dying, players leaving, devs slacking … I doubt it helps in any way. Of course everybody is free to voice is concern, but calling it helpful is a vast lie.


Its fun to see how a “population its low” thread its one of the hot topic of the forum.


You are completely wrong about that, many people complaining about a game is inherently helpful. It voices the concern of the comunity and brings it to the attention of thr devs. Yes building tools, tournaments and Faqs are great, but developers need to know how the community feels about the product their investing their time in, and it can never be all possitive. That would imply thst it is perfect, without flaw or room for improvement.

So I fundamentally disageee, negative critisism is in fsct helpful, and you may not have noticed, but I offered up possible courses of action as solutions to the problems I proposed. The way you put it, your perfectly content with hiw the game is and fine with it carrying on like this. Well, welcome to the minority because most of the people here seem to disagree. That, as well is very helpful.


game is trash now.

If you played Boss Battles, and literally aren’t that guy then you probably don’t like them, as you generally need legendries to compete (Sarlac for example always draws enemy aggro, youtube videos show it everywhere). Bosses also have 3 attack in general, which demolish most cheap minions. and they can still summon and always are 1 mana ahead. Maybe for a more veteran player this is somewhat fun, but for a casual duelyst player if their one, or two, ladder decks (the ones with the most work) doesn’t work then it’s not even fun anymore.

Rift is literally no fun as literally anything can happen and nothing is immune to everything, and it replaced Gauntlet which was a big thing (although I only appreciate it now that i’ve seen rift).

Ancient bonds brought a bad key word and great cards (like Lava Slasher, Death Knell and Dreamshaper) for factions that didn’t need it and brought things like Sol Pontiff and Calligrapher too fuel the already monotonous factions. Songhai is probably the most 50/50 faction because if they dont dominte early they have nothing late, and yet Top deck or die is the Duelyst Motto (Upon coming to Duelyst I played a lot of Cassyva, because she was just so good at Control, given the cards. She gets Death Knell. Songhai gets Bangle).

The Nerfs are ridiculous. I used to play Melt Down with Zir’an as the top. you can heal it and if you do heal with BBS you get 7 damage thrown. Same With Sajj and Kaleos. use the bad BBS, but with Meltdown it’s worth it. Instead of changing Faie and Vaath’s BBS (who are the only two whose BBS are unavoidable and game enders by themselves) They nerf Meltdown because he was being abused by strong Characters.

I don’t understand it, but i’m a rookie. I know nothing. unfortunately my hiatus from Duelyst is back on.


No I know I used a general term/ statement, but as a game Dev myself it can be difficult for small teams to keep up with some of the demand. I guess I was just mad about that person comparing the man hours it takes for art to porting a game over to mobile. Especially because they didn’t initially build the game for mobile it’ll be rather hard to get everything working properly.


Well to be fair, there are tons of “Whinetopics” both here and on reddit, with really good discussions and suggestions on how to adress the issues of this game. And to be frank, they were all in vain because at the end of the day CP just goes and does what they want (and more often than not, this isn’t what the players want). So what’s the point of putting effort into making suggestions if they aren’t considered anyway?

I agree that whining alone isn’t really constructive and helpful, but i honestly can’t blame the people for it at this point.

Pretty sure there are also plenty of videos around showing how you can beat them with basic decks or at least pauper decks. Honestly, all it takes to beat pretty much all of them is a bloodmoon priestess. You don’t need high end ladder decks for this.


No problem, it’s always the same for every online community of every video game.
Happy players aren’t posting, either they don’t care/need to, either they’re just busy playing.
Unhappy players regroup and voice their anger in self-sustaining threads like this current one.

Long story short, I’m out, got quests to do and a game to play, have fun :wink:


Bloodmoon priestess is Abyss, and Abyss I don’t think is bad or anyway unbalanced, but I personally dont like them.

As Songhai and Lyonar I’ve had some pretty tough times against these bosses. Ive beaten the last 3, but they weren’t challenging, they just had too much of an advantage for my particular playstyle. The last one for example started with a range and incenera. getting rid of Incenera with Lyonar or Songhai isn’t easy and she allowed for the boss to basically outplay the positioning style decks, which for me made the Boss unsatisfying. It wasn’t really That I couldn’t out play the boss, It was that it started with minions I couldn’t outplay (To beat the boss with mech songhai I needed a starting pheonix Fire to remove the range and it was my whole turn).

Arfitfacthai was the same way. Bangle and Mask are suppose to allow you to kit, but if the boss has no movement restriction then there’s no point. I guess the normal reaction is to use a different deck, But I didn’t make a Reva artifact deck to play Vaath. That’s why I feel the Bosses aren’t fun.


You could just onyx bear seal the Incinera and then kite all day? Lyonar could just Sunbloom it. Sure bosses can be more challenging for certain factions than for others but you really don’t have to go out of your way to deal with them, no matter what you play. Don’t really get your problem here sorry.


So far I think there have been two really bad moves which hurt them a lot.

  1. The botched cosmetic monetization - Much more thought and work should have gone into something so important to their survival. Few things kill the value of your high-quality cosmetic products as well as having low-quality cosmetic fillers.

  2. Cancellation of the monthlies - This was Duolist’s best player retention mechanic, which at this point I’d assume that they stumbled upon without even realizing it. It was probably cancelled for logistic problems of a constantly expanding base set. 'Twas too bad that they couldn’t find a way around 'em. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was the big turning point for Duolist.

In the gaming industry right now, so much emphasis has been placed on the psychology of the “summer fling” effect through emotional rollercoaster (big emotional swings, not big emotional highs, are what make you feel good, see Joseki-frustration and similar fetishes every game company and their dogs are into these days). The psychology of stable long-term relationship, however, is woefully under-utilized by all but a few of the most successful companies (see Riot, for example).

The new player experience needs to be an emotional rollercoaster ride, but to keep them after the honeymoon is over you will need to be somebody who is exactly who they think you are, yet bubbles with small doses of surprise. The bosses just don’t keep your player-boyfriends engaged for the whole month nearly as well as the monthlies did. =S


I think this is the first post of yours that I’ve read that made even a modicum of sense to me on my first pass. Congratulations.


Got any ideas?


There is no real solution to bringing back new monthly cards. It warps any set it would belong to through a bad ratio. Collecting cards from a set where 25% of them are legendaries would be annoying for some people. Its partly why the new monthly cards came to a stop as it was warping the core set, although I think the official reasoning was something to do with cards that were in the pipeline for a long time but instead of releasing the cards all at once they decided to do it monthly as a reward, if I remember correctly.

If there is a way to bring them back it would like a teaser from a new expansion, where everyone gets the same neutral cards (of course depending where you finish from the previous season). But that would rely on CP repeating an expansion like Shim’zar since Bloodbond and Ancient Bonds can’t be done due to the way you get them.


Would it really be so bad if they were craftable only? That would solve a lot of the issue and I don’t think a lot of people would mind if there was a special set of cards that you could get only with crafting. I mean traditional CCGs have limited editions and other special cards like that. Just have monthlies be in their own special unlimited expansion where you can only craft them, and maybe have an event when they have enough of them to make a temporary expansion where during the event you can buy orbs of them.


Depends on the perception of each player. If you’re a new player then gaining the spirit could be an issue compared to a card being released from a set, since you’ll have a chance to get the card from an orb. Whereas, their wouldn’t from a craftable only set, closest example would be the 7 sister cards even though you can’t craft them directly.

For people who played longer or have a lot of spare spirit around from only playing 1 or 2 factions for example, then the problem wouldn’t affect them as much. So it brings up the question of how new/casual player friendly would it be against how good would it be for retaining the interest of older players as well.

Even though you’ll get a free card from the end of season rewards you’ll need another 2 copies of each (if you want a full collection) meaning you’ll need another 4000 spirit roughly to craft them with no alternative ways to get them. With maybe a special temporary event where the cards are available via orbs, then you’ll have to figure out what gold price is worth it for those orbs, as well as how often do higher rarity cards come out (since each rarity would be 25% of the set). If they come out too often, then players would just save gold for those temporary orbs (pending how often they come out) and disenchant cards from them special temporary orbs to collect cards from others.