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So is top tier deck still Fanality? Check up


well, he sure is atracttive…


Nice to know that two of my four decks are currently meta. I thought I had dignity.


Just for the reference:

Need help with Songhai deck

Zir’an’s tier 0? About time!


Guess I’m tier 4 then with Jaguar Kaleos or no one plays it \o/. Also feel like Zir’an shouldn’t be that high but then again it might be that my deck matches up well or my opponents haven’t be that highly skilled with her.


Grinch’s use of tier 0 is flat out wrong, those decks are also tier 1 decks, Just better than the rest, tier 0 decks are straight unhealthy for the game. If this was a tier 0 meta there would be 20 complaint threads posted every day.


I see. I did notice that Ramp Faie was at a higher tier than Burn Faie, which is probably not the case. Well, these lists are all probably based on personal opinions anyways.


To be clear, finality-rebuke-warbeast nonsense is still really strong. Loose consensus seems to say that Lit Desert Zirix is the strongest deck now, however, and I’m saying that based on several different tierlysts averaged out. Grincher’s and a couple others, can’t remember which ones and don’t want to dig them up, there’s a thread somewhere in the recentish past that links several. Also a few people favor golem Zirix over the Lit Desert setup.


It is all a question of interpretation, so I wouldn’t say his use of Tier 0 is flat out wrong. That’s a very harsh judgement for a totally subjective category.


As I understand it, tier zero’s for when certain decks are so far beyond everything else that they twist the whole game around themselves. I really don’t feel like there are any reality-warping decks right now. Seems like high-level play has a lot of different very viable options.


The term tier 0 is universally agreed upon in any other cardgame as a meta with only 1 deck and every other deck is designed to beat it, and everyone else who I have talked to about this interms of this game also agrees.


thx @alplod
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