So is top tier deck still Fanality? Check up


just came back after 3 months. As the title said and i want to know what changed. thanks :slight_smile:


The finallty meta ended after 2 weeks, lost vet and arguably burn faie are now the best decks, but most decks are able to make plays.


hmmmmmmmm…pls define

in ranks? or just general frost fire play


Top decks are probably

Tempo Ziran
Obelysk Zirix/Lost in Desert/ Golem Vet
Combo Rag
Ramp Faie
Mid Range Reva
Mid Range Vaath
Control Ciyphron
Arcanyst Shidai

So to answer the original question no Saurian finality Vaath is not the top deck in the meta and they are good variety deck that are at near the top of ladder…I feel like i should mention Thunderhorn but something are better left discoverable


Most decks have a pretty decent shot at victory as long as their oppenent doesn’t completely counter them, most decks are fairly viable.


k, then back to wall vanar :slight_smile:


I reccomend trying out burn, it’s really fast, and if you run a build like mine it’s especially fun!


can i see?
thanks :smiley:


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Here is a tip: you usually want to replace warbird off of mentor.


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it’s a game called rage of bahamut, and also shadowverse.


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