So is it good that you can play against someone in a different division or is it just me?


So earlier today, approximately an hour ago from the creation of this post, I queued up for a match and I almost instantly get matched against someone from the top ten in S-Rank…WTF?! Now understand that I myself am only in lower diamond, as in maybe the first two chevrons into rank 5, and I match up with someone who’s in upper S?! What kind of messed up matchmaking is that? I understand that the whole premise behind being able to play against someone of a different division helps a player grow/learn from, admittedly, better players, but if the difference in rank is that great then I have no idea how to justify this. I have a friend who got into S-rank at the end of a season and they got in as the 600somethingth and unless I’m misunderstanding something about S-Rank, then there should be a few hundred or so players up in there by nowPlease enlighten me on how S-Rank works since I’ve never gotten there myself. I’m not whining, since I won (GG btw), but can someone explain to me how the hell that happens?


It happens because matchmaking doesn’t want you to wait for 10 minutes to find a game.


So in the end it just boils down to a lack of active players?


Yeah. And besides, getting matched with people in division one higher above you isn’t such big of a deal anyway. Being in S rank 10 this early on isn’t an achievement either. But I do think it’s fair for players that get to S rank early to have some people to get matched with.


I think it’s more a lack of high-level players at this point of the season. In my experience, I only got matched with someone of a higher division only when I was very near to that division.


Well said. Wait so does S-Rank operate on a first-come-first serve basis or…wait how does S-rank work?


Your S rank number represents where do you stand among all S rank players. First rank you get is based on your previous performance and then you either rise it or lower it depending on how well you do ie how many games you win and against whom. It’s not really first-come-first-serve because it all evens out as more and more people enter the S rank.


Oh, in that case if one goes on a really good winstreak and they don’t play again for the entirety o the season does that mean that they’re basically guarenteed a good spot in the final rankings?


Yeah, implying if you do it near the end of the season.


So if you do it near the begining of the season will your rank gradually decrease?


Yes, because people will surpass you.


Oh well, thanks for the info!


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