regards to forum birthdays


If you decide to type in a birthday onto your user profile here on the forums can we receive a little private message appear if you log on during your B-day? Just thought that it’d be a nice quality of life improvement for us forum goers. Thoughts?


Not necessarily a bad idea, but if I were to make a list of wishes for this game that would be at the very bottom.


I have no idea what this does, but there’s a part of the admin suite called “Cakeday” :thinking:

will experiment and report back :sun_with_face:

Edit: It looks like you get a little slice of cake next to your name on the day you enter, in the same place titles go. :cake: :birthday: :fireworks: :?)

Edit 2: (for posterity) I just changed mine to today, this is what shows up:


My birthday was Dec. 24 :stuck_out_tongue: Was actually curious about this.


Oh, cool I guess that I either didn’t log on for my B-Day or didn’t notice it if I did. I still wish that we’d get a little message saying “happy B-Day from CP,” but I’ll settle for the cake.

so long as the cake is not a lie that is


If we get this I want a button to quickly PM someone about spelling mistakes. It seems even more pedantic to make a comment about it.


I can look into doing that :smiley: No promises though >_>


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