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So I tried making a Vanar deck


I don’t really play Vanar so I tried making a long range “artillery” deck

I’d love to hear some suggestions :smile:


@epicflygon @snowshot


So your game plan is to utilise BBS to its fullest?

Malicious wisp is good.
Concealing Shroud is good.
If you going for early aggro, +3 atk artifact is good.
If you’re going for more slow game 1dmg +slow everyone spell is useful.
Endless hunt is generally useful.

You got AoE covered through minions, you may use Luminous with Skorn or Naga for lots of dmg at 9 mana.

Also Riftwalker is IMO better than Naga.

Oh, I forgot Gravity Well. One of the best stalling spells in the game, and also T1P1 play.

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This lookd like a bad Aggro Build, I’m currently making a good one.


I’m not aggro decks guy myself but this is a bad one, @epicflygon plqce your aggro deck.

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Is Memeton here only for misinformation?


To run a thinner deck…


I don’t know about nemeton, it thins your deck by 1 card and block dmg space


Realisticly there is never an excuse to not run trials as it makes your deck more consistent. Most decks aren’t limited by 5 slot, especially a hand dumping aggro deck.

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