So i guess my time has come


Coming back after a while to play some of my new ideas and suprise suprise i can’t log in, password is right username as it use to be and still…

Assuming that i live with my wife in israel until we both finish our studies. i wouldn’t be suprised if they broke my account as well as the other people they ban for no reason.

Been a hugh duelyst fan for the last couple of years, but man how i hate banco.



But Israel is not on the list


And yet here i am, almost every day for the last two years, not counting the last couple of months.
So what if it’s not on the list, it worked well…

So now i should open a new account and start from scratch again?


I had this problem and im in the US. Apparently to sign into duelyst I needed to sign into bandai namco, but the redirect would take me to BN then back to duelyst skipping the duelyst sign in. after an attempt at a password reset and a lucky crash (I think), I was able to somehow actually see the duelyst sign in page as opposed to the BN loop. BUT THEN my duelyst password had become my BN password (as my password was wrong so I tried every password I had). after all this, duelyst started working fine again. I think it has something to do with me using edge if you use edge.


Ya’ll just need to link your accounts. I think you can do it from the new client


I did it when they announced it at first.


Just contact support, bro. This could be an error smwhere, it should be fixed for you.


Hi snowshot,

As suggested, please reach out to our support team, and we will do our best to find out why you are having issues logging in, and resolve those issues for you.

As mentioned, Israel is not on any of our blocked lists, however, there may be other issues preventing you from signing on which support may be able to assist with.




PM me your id, I will try it for you if you want :grimacing:


…clever. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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