So...Bastion Anybody?


Hi there!

I’m a Lyonar main, and I’ve been having mild success with a single Bastion in my deck in the silver division (I would craft more, but I lack the spirit). If it’s not dealt to fast enough, any minion that lasts can easily be Divine Bonded. It also helps to keep Jax Truesight on the board for a turn as he’s not susceptible to Skorn or Ghost Lightening. Nobody seems to target it with dispels either, wanting to deal with more immediate threats.

Just wanted to know if anyone else plays him, perhaps to greater effect? I’d be interested to know.


Yes I do, he’s nice, but you have to know when to replace him. But yes, he’s cool and viable in some decks :slight_smile:

One deck I am playing currently with it is a fast aggro Kara deck (yeah, Bastion doesn’t scream fast so it may seem contradictory but it isn’t, you just have to know your opponents options (for Magmar you drop Shiro (Plasmastorm), for Vanar you drop Bastion (Frostburn) for example)).


I can’t really say anything since I also lack the experience, but I will say that mister deathadvocate made a really cool Lilithe deck with Bastion not too long ago.


Personally, I haven’t found a way to run Bastion efficiently. I end up in either Diamond or S-Rank every month however, and I find that the decks I face at that level are too fast for me to take the time to play Bastion without being completely overwhelmed.

If I were to run Bastion, perhaps I would try using it in Lilitthe Swarm decks. Cards like Bloodmoon Priestess and Shadowdancer shouldn’t be too expensive to craft, and 1/2 wraithlings aren’t vulnerable to Blistering Skorn and Ghost Lightining so it could help you set up the Priestess or Dancer more easily. Maybe Kara wall decks with Winter’s Wake could also work if you can get the spirit for those cards.


But the wraithlings need to die en masse… what happens if they become 1/3? Seems counter-productive…
Edit: unless of course you’re talking about that linked deck


Definitely! I wouldn’t want my wraithlings to become too durable. For that reason, I think I’d only play Bastion if I had a Bloodmoon Priestess in hand ahead of time so that I know I can trigger Deathwatch before they get too bulky. And once the Priestess is on the board, the Bastion only serves to preserve her, so it can be an awkward card for sure.
Again, I’ve had no personal experience with the card. And I find it quite situational imo, at least in Lilitthe builds.


Literally any card can work with mild success in silver ranks. But hey man, if it’s working out for you and you find it fun there’s no reason to not run it. But the general consensus is how the card is bad and it’s not run anywhere nor it ever was. At least when it comes to the competitive decks.


I used to play a weird abyssian (Lilithe) with shiro, bastion and azure horn shaman. Rather than using the common death watch strategy, the idea of the deck was swarming, and buffing the wraithlings so I could have many vanilla bulky minions and at the same time negate my opponent from summoning monsters. It was fun in silver but in gold is rather difficult to pull out. Specially for me because I’m a f2p player, so I lack maaaaaaany cards :stuck_out_tongue:


My deck is doing well so far in Diamond.


There’s a Lyonar card (I forget the name, I play Abyss) that gives +1 health to another minion at the end of your turn. Although sort of gimmicky, this card combos with Bastion, making Bastion nearly impossible to take down unless removed quickly or dispelled, and your other minions gain health rapidly.

I don’t have three of each so I can’t speak to how reliable this strat is, but it’s certainly super fun when you pull it off!


I’ve tried this myself as I main Abyss, but it just doesn’t work in your favor. Eventually they have more than 2 health and cannot be used as deathwatch fuel.

However, using this card with attack boosting cards, like the newer ones in Abyss, could work. If it gets more than 1 attack and then has its attack and health doubled, each wraithling could be dangerous.


Well Bastion outputs high DPS, but he has little mobility. When you enter sentry mode, you can’t move and you’d be an easy target for Reaper, Genji and Pharah. I’ll probably not use him in ranked mode, because Soldier 76 just do a better job than Bastion could in most aspects.

Oh wrong game sorry.


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