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So about those crate keys


Nael here, and I’m curious…

With the advent of these extra loot crates, or boxes, or whatever you wanna call 'em, I find myself with a few, but there seems to be an issue… I have not a single key.

So, since it was announced that there is a small system that’s already in place to net yourself some keys - I think it was supposed to be in the form of achievements - Has anyone run across what specific achievements have unlocked anything OUTSIDE of the one you get for getting your first crate?

Crates and Keys

Oh hey, another fur. :v

Most of the secret achievements they’ve mentioned about adding to get keys are not yet implemented in the game. Currently the only way to get more keys is with cash.


Another fur indeed! Good to know there are some hiding among even these places.

Ah… I must have misinterpreted those notes in the patch. Oh well. Guess some of these boxes are gonna be locked until either i’m not broke, or the system gets implemented.


I found one in my first crate. :grin:
But I have no second crate to open…


The first time you get a crate they give you a key for free, but that’s the only one at this point, from now on you’ll need to money to buy the keys or wait until they make the f2p key system.


As I said: I found one key IN my first crate. So I have a key left while not having a crate to open it.
BTW: Where can you buy keys at the moment. I don’t find them in the Armory.


Oh no furs ;-; Riiiiiip


It would be nice if the crates could be disenchanted. I know they want to sell keys for them, and that’s fine, but I for one am never going to buy them. If I could get even a little gold or spirit for them, that would feel better than them sitting there forever.


From what I can see it’s a thinly veiled version of pay to win.
Each Rare chest is guaranteed a foil/shiny version of a rare. Those disenchant down to a HUGE amount of spirit, allowing people who pay the INSANE 5 dollar charge PER KEY to craft whatever they want to build their decks with fast and easily.


A prismatic rare is 100 spirit if you break it. Not that much, and a ridiculously small amount for a fiver; you get more than 100 from spending the same amount on packs, which can also give you, you know, good cards.


Here a developer in this thread

And don’ t think there are other achievements to obtain other than the first one…


The game is already pay to win to the extent that you can plunk down cash to get cards. The crates don’t change this because the money spent on them is always better spent on orbs, which has always been an option.

But the game is also not really P2W at all because even with a full collection, you are not going to win much without skill and experience.


its more of a pay to have more options, then a pay to win. you have the same chance to win no matter what but having better options give you a way to win the way you want. i have seen people get into gold with the starter decks.


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