So about Divine Bond


I know it’s getting nerfed but making it cost one mana more won’t stop it from being ridiculous. As long as you can double cast it on a unit allowing it to hit you for 20 damage it will always be overpowered.

With that in mind, how can we solve the Divine Bond issue? How would you make it playable but not ridiculous?

An indirect nerf might be nerfing Dioltas.


A strong card is not always overpowered if it’s situationally good. The goal of the nerf is to make it weaker in situations where you shouldn’t want to use it (on a low minion to eke out 2 extra damage as a finisher). Making it harder to combo is a good step.


I hate to be the one to bring this up, but shouldn’t you hold off for a week to bring up this topic so we can actually see DB perform in Shim’zar? I’m all for hypotheticals, but with the release date so close the timing just seems off to me.

I don’t expect DB will be OP (anymore), and its increased cost will hopefully diversify Lyonar deck building. Nerfing Tombstone into a Structure might still be sensible in a week, but we can only figure that out in practice, right?


Sure but I’d consider Divine Bond more than ‘situationally’ good, it allows you to play heavy defensive minions that turn into powerhouses that do 10+ damage. It’s also usually cast on minions with provoke, meaning you can’t run away from it. You’re also never safe from a Colossus, since it can be airdropped anywhere, but that’s not an issue inherent to divine bond. It’s basically “have removal or die” in the most literal sense. Dispel is useless against it too, since they’ll never cast it before smacking you in the face. I’d say a cost of 3 is still very, very cheap for it’s effect.

I thought it might be practical to look at it now too, see what we think before and after the expansion hits. However, I don’t see much changing in the Lyonar playstyle with the expansion so far. Divine bond is still a fairly cheap spell and Lyonar will still want to include heavies with provoke. Unless there’s word of changes to more of the core set I expect Divine Bond to play exactly the same as it does now.

Just because changes are coming doesn’t mean we should just stop thinknig about it. Personally I think Divine Bond the way it is should be at least a 4-cost spell. That is, as long as there are 10 health minions with provoke easily available.


What if we made divine bond exhaust the minion it was played on? It would cut out the retarded 15+ damage bursts for sure.


I think you’re on to something here! Perhaps make it 2 cost and exhaust, or keep the 3 cost and add provoke and exhaust.


If all it did was add health to attack and exhaust, it would suck.

Otoh, I played plenty of duelyst before DB was buffed to 2 mana from 3, and at 3 it was widely considered a problem card even without the new card synergy it will be recieving. So I can safely say it will still be an issue.

DB is not just very powerful, it is also a huge design limitation. All of lyonar has to be balanced around not making DB too good, which in turn makes the faction even more off balance in the other direction-- too weak without DB. I’d rather the card be removed from lyonar than see an alteration; it holds the faction back.


I believe that DB will be even worse after Shimzar drops. Things could be different, but with that new card that transforms a minion into an Ironcliffe, we are going to be dealing with 13/10 rush Ironcliffes soon I think (since both cards seem strong enough to run by themselves, and will be relatively easy to combo at 7 mana).


This, this sums up the entire Lyonar playstyle
Argeon mostly, although Ziran is guilty of this as well have playstyles that revolve around throwing fatties at you until one sticks, and when there’s finally a fatty you can’t deal with, you lose to divine bond.