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Snowshot's vanar trail to greatness


A couple of news first:
i’ve been honorably discharged from the idf recon. Forces, And about to finish my degree also (about 3 exams left).

Also there nothing to fix around the house anymore, and i intend on taking a month long rest from work and other duties after this a couple of months in thailand.
Then we’ll see.

All these lead me to the following -
I FINALLY in a very long time have time to put into the game, so i decided to to the following -

As we know vanar is in a “bad” place (the normal vanar, not the aggro which is a cold reva).
I intend on taking a vanar deck to my liking and see how far i can get with the list, i’ll go from nemeton to wall, vespyr, infiltrate and basically everything that it is fun and see how far it goes on ladder.

Here. We. Go!!

First month will be faie’s heavy castle.
Reached with it diamond 2 fairly easy (60% - 70% winrate in diamond, in gold well… you just go through it).
Given that i won against the majority of s rankers that came my way (lost yo tm25 and another one) i would say reaching s with it might be an easy bet however - i started the running just a week ago and the time is against me even though i had more time then usual, think i’ll need more then a week and a half to actually make it.

The deck:

First impression - expensive, yes it is.
quick intro for this monster:
Lady locke is a MONSTER of a card (in wall vanar at least).
6 mana - locke + blazing spine --> 10 points of dmg and provoke.
7 mana - locke + thorn/wisp/razorback.
8 mana - locke + luminous.
A great card with the intention of baiting hard aoe, stall or set up for a kill.
You gameplan is normal - ramp, steal mana, wait till 6 mana, fish for win con, drop locke + things
S and use callers to sogten the board until the timers up and it’s time to go boom.
This is hard to pilot! You lose if you replace bad, misplace your walls or not playing according to matcj ups.

Bad matchups - vet, they run emp and emp in the right time is dead end.
Egg rag.

Good matchups - everything else, even if you’re not ramped, but was able to fish your wincon.

Hope ya’ll enjoy this.


Dammit, aggro is a bad matchup too! Just because you won that one game against me…

This deck looks pretty good though. One of the bigger problems I see with this deck is lack of early game which can lead your destruction against fast decks quite easily. Lady Locke definitely puts in some work though for your early game if you can get her and some walls.

Against wanderer and fault though is where I think this card really shines provided you can draw good because your lack of early game might let them ramp 1 or 2 turns earlier their respective win cons.

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I love your appreciation of Lady Locke. I personally made a couple of decent Abyss swarm decks with her and she IS good.

But with walls she seems evil. I should check this myself. Thanks for an idea.


Well then aggro can’t stop your ramp, and you got enough provoke to stall for a nice ice age + winter’s wake.
If you got a bad opening well, this is a problem, but a moderate opening hand is enough for me to win and it comes almost always.

Most of my losses are against hard aggro now that i think of it.

Well then add it up:)

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Me not understanding how walls work is why I lost, otherwise it was a clutch for me.


Well now you know, against aggro i might need a good draws as well.


When I have good wifi again I intend to test Midrange Faie throughly as I feel like it’s the best deck right now.

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Honestly, I don’t know about best deck but I definitely feel with some very specific tweaking and the appropriate mindset, it could be really strong. MDG being 1 mana would’ve definitely helped out midrange as you can ramp removal with a body earlier like cloudcaller and dblades.


1 mana MDS doesn’t effefct the deck, it has always and will always be one of the few Vanar deck that doesn’t use that card.

The deck was the best deck in Swarm Brome meta but players are shit at the game and this is a deck with possibly the highest skill required to win with it so you know.

From experience it has a strong meta match-up and a strong rouge match-up so it’s very good.

My old build already convinced 1 top player, maybe a few more after I prove it, I have a new build however.


You sure we talking Vanar here?


It isn’t that big of a secret that Mist Dragon Seal is a Vanar card. Ask @eurasianjay if you have any doubts.


You’re wrong. It’s better to say that hearthsis is a Songhai minion.

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Since Flygon mixed up Mana Deathgrip with Mist Dragon Seal, I thought it would be a good time to make a reference to Jay who has complained on multiple occasions about Vanar abusing MDSs they get from a Sparrowhawk that got pulled by Blue Conjurer.


MDG I mean.


Sparrowhawk as a Songhai card!?


I feel like sparrowhawk is not dressed good enough for vanar.

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This is how I feel. I mean, its the cold north.

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