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Snowshot is bored again - a semi old new deck idea

Snowshot is here with another deck idea (no Locke this time, for all of you Locke suckers around).
For quite some time I played with the solo embla deck idea and failed (sometimes miserably), however, this time I’m on the right track.
How do I know? Because this shit works! What is it you ask? Hold on let me find it.

Beautiful isn’t it?
Now let me explain, most q - embla decks ran ramp with ton of 2 draws in order to blow the board on 8 - 9.
But the narrow play style brings a few problems (hand size/ plan b/ getting blown off by cheep board clears).

Well then I took the deck down and started refining it.
Basically the mentioned goes from insane ramp phase into q and into a heavy control game that ends with embla + reflection/wake. Ideally with a clear board.

Try it and enjoy, it is fun! However changes will come as I go up the ranks.

The reason I don’t put a card summary and synergies is me still being questionable regarding a few of my picks.
But for now, you can loss luminous charge for more wincon/frostburn/ enfeeble.

Next up - a faie burn deck, with hydro and yggdra as a really annoying sticky control couple.


I love Q, I spent an enormous amount of time trying to build decks around it. Definitely came up with some fun ones. I went a little more all in with list when I gave it try, but I never did end up playing it very much:


But the sweet spot is probably somewhere between these two lists, as luminous and gravity are probably to good to pass up. A quick rough draft:


Aether/Replicant help thin your deck, chaser/rep maintain card advantage until you can make it to Q. Grav/Luminous give us the midgame the deck usually lacking.


I tried it as well (the full on minion variation) for a really long time. But found it lacking against a few meta decks.
So I decided to thin less but use q as a transition into a focused control deck with settings for reflection/ wake even without embla, with a way to maintain hand and clear boards even after q (when you don’t draw him/ running against trail decks/ just need a few more embla spaces).

As this deck focus on embla and reflection I feel like -
A.gravity and lominous is key.
B.we need hard tools to clear board for more embla pressure late game.
C.we need to maintain maximum hand during the late game in a event of decks full of board clear aoe.
D. We need to make it look cool.

What do you think?


I definitely think you are into something with a Q focus, but not over committing. Although I am not sold on reflection these days. Finding the right balance with Q is always a trick.


I think so too, but realized it is a double edged sword since you might not draw (as a worst case) your wincon.
However - you got enough steam to slow down the game and clear almost any board state for embla to appear.

You know the feeling when you need to throw your favorite card in, well then reflection XD.
I know you can get more with other options but reflection on embla is so fun, actually gives you the feeling that embla reacts with the walls (5 emblas are a scary sight by any means, 8 is just holy)

Plus if your opponent doesn’t clear enough walls/ position himself wrong/you got a bad wall roll lethalwise this is an alternative finisher.


Sadly, I can’t play Vanar - too hard for me :slight_smile: I play only Arcanyst or Burn Faie, so I’m looking forward to see your Stun/Burn deck :slight_smile:

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There are some fun and interactive decks around it :boom:

It might actually rival bonecrusher-cadence and apex-metal-SILVER-omega in terms of WOW-factor when it actually works :grinning:


While I have no love for this deck…there is a even more evil version of it. Involving Ornate higogi/ and Blood Mask.

Wait…did meditate get changed to exclude its self or was it always that way?


Played it few times, this is evil.

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Meditate did get changed. I believe it was to stop DOShai.


I remeber the 10 card rule being implemented, never saw the change for meditiate.


They did it simultaneously.


My first reaction when I saw your deck was:
“Man, this would be a pain in the a** to play against.”

On second glance:
“This is really unique way to use Q.”

Most Q decks use Q to find their wincon. Yours, on the other hand, uses Q to throw out the small ramp minions that clutter a ramp deck at high mana.

I recently tried to use Q in a similar manner in dying wish abyssian, but gave up because it was so ridiculously complicated…


I watched a few of your recent replays with this list and it does seem to work very nicely. I really like:

  • Super strong consistent ramp
  • Tons of turn-1 plays - I can never manage your other weenie-starved decks
  • Crazy control of most situations (both with hard spells and mana choking)
  • Vanar’s signature unstoppable end game

And the occasional Gate to the Undervault is also nice. :wink:

I’m motivated to grind a bit and craft Q-man, something I should have done a long time ago.


First - as you sure saw I’m still a little unsure about the matchups (or “how did I got steamroll to hell sometimes”).
Second - the deck is built mainly for the general population, however I do rank myself Lord of the starving deck, the starver the better.

Craft it! It’s fun.


Q’Orrhlma’A :anchor: keyword here so that this thread can be later found by the forum search.

It’s super hard to find past discussions about Q.

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Ohh good good:) did not think of it.

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I just crafted my Q’orrhlma’A set. Any updates on your deck @snowshot?

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Yes a few haha I’ll upload it into here in a few hours


This is my last take on the q vanar thingy.

It is still kinda slow but it has become a strong toolbox.
Thanks to q the deck completely steamroll maehv and trail decks like brome’s.
The ramp game is good and I placed more ice age and wakes for consistent end game.
The only draw engine you got is chaser (which is really good by itself).

Everything else is kinda controlly.

Most fun will be letting maehv dying wish ramp and throw q, tried it… can’t really get enough of it.

Oh and you can always switch aspect of ego for hailstone if you have problems with handsize.
And you can drop 1 embla for another manaforger.