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Snowman Spam - Kara


I’m having fun with this deck for a week now and just want to share it.

Inspired by Barbarian_Assault’s post on reddit.


Voice of the Wind and Icebreak Amush in one deck? About time! :sob:


Would you share some replays? It looks interesting.


Of course :slight_smile: here you go.

** Disclaimer **- There are misplays.

Against aggro Faie
Against wall ramp Ilena
Against fault Zirix
Against wanderer Ragnora

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So i took your deck and made adjustments to nemeton:)
It seems like a good ground.

Hope you don’t mind, i’m in the chase for the ideal nemeton.


I’d love to have a look at the Nemetonized version when you get it done. :slight_smile:

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Would Alcuin Fugitive be good in here? Endless bonechill and wintertides! Or is that too much?


fugitive is a meh card in most decks, besides the deck that actually can run it well for continuous dmg output (8g reva comes to mind).
you have enough removal as it is and enough triggers.


After some testing, Alcuin Fugitive is just too costly. I ended up playing the spells before Alcuin could hit the board safely.


Makes sense. I guess I’m just traumatized by and Ilena who keep using fugitive to get endless Concealing Shrouds. Super annoying.

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