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Snowchaser Factory

Hello everyone, I am looking to make a meme deck where the goal is to swarm the opponent with snowchasers. I even have the skin for extra effect.
To accompany our snowchasers I am thinking of putting cards that make use of snowchaser’s ability to be summoned easily and come back to the action bar.

Here is an exhaustive list of the cards that I find to synergize more or less with what snowchaser can do :

  1. Get infiltrate - the card helps snowchaser get infiltate
  2. Easy summon - make use of 1 mana cost of snowchaser
  3. Swarm - make use of the amount of snowchasers on the board

Vanar Cards

  • Kara Winterbalde - easy summon
  • Frostfire - cheap buff
  • Gravity Well - get infiltrate
  • Borean Bear - easy summon
  • Hearth-Sister - get infiltrate
  • Mark of Solitude - helps snowchaser clear the board
  • Protosensor - get infiltrate
  • Lightning Blitz - get infiltrate + swarm
  • Glacial Elemental - easy summon
  • Freeblade - get infiltrate?
  • Iceblade Dryad - get infiltrate
  • Cryogenesis - helps fish for snowchasers hidden in your deck, is more reliable whith less vespyrs in the deck
  • Denadoro - get infiltrate
  • Razorback - swarm
  • Voice of the Wind - easy summon
  • Wailing Overdrive - most of the time snowchaser can make use of it
  • Wind Sister Maya - easy summon
  • Animus Plate - swarm
  • Auroraboros - swarm (extra snowchasers!)
  • Vespyrian Might - swarm
  • Icebreak Ambush - get infiltrate (more snowchasers!)
  • Ancient Grove - swarm
  • Flawless Reflection - swarm

Neutral Cards

  • Azure Horn Shaman - swarm
  • Shiro Puppydragon - swarm
  • Bastion - swarm
  • Day Watcher - swarm
  • Lady Lock - easy summon
  • Mirkblood Devourer - easy summon
  • Wind Runner - swarm
  • Blistering Skorn - can put snowchasers back in your hand when the opponent is out of infiltrate range
  • First Sword of Akrane - swarm
  • Grailmaster - easy summon
  • Zurael, the Lifegiver? - swarm

So many posibilities!
Here is the deck I came up with for now.

Note : I use Aspect of Shim’zar as removal combined with snowchaser to get it back to my action bar. With Aspect of Shim’zar already in, having thunderhorn makes the deck able to deal with difficult situations while also dealing 4 damage to the opponent most of the time.

Let’s see if we can make a snowchaser theme deck be on par with top meta decks.


I like how much work and dedication you put into this, reminds me of my own passion for Songhai!

I don’t really know is this is a good deck though, it seems like to me that you are trying to build a swarm deck that is very similar to Sarlac the Eternal swarm decks in which case unless Vanar has some very special swarm tool that abyss doesn’t have, the sarlac decks will just be plain better since he never has to leave the field, doesn’t need to be in a specific area and does not cost one mana to resummon.

I think you are on somewhat the right track here with the initial deck, my suggestion woud be to lower the curve by dropping grove and provide more draw so that you can keep pushing out minions.


The mai problem now is that vespyr and infiltrate is meh.
Meaning if you’re not running a hybrid deck of some sort your plan of execution must be precise.
There’s no comeback with vespyr vanar.

So i would mix them with walls or go full swarm vespyr.
If you want to run infiltrate - run rhino and avalanche.

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If you want to maximise the quantity of snowchasers, you may consider Auroraboros. It will make the deck work similar to Infinite Sarlacs, but less reliable.

GL with your creative work though.


I’m on the same page as Aplod, we need a way to replicate Snowchaser. I think the best options are Auroraboros, Zurael and Keeper of the Vale. These would put the deck on a whole higher level of meme, but could be worth it


I replaced the Ancient Groves with Azure Horn Shaman to have more consistent early game and be sure to get a Snowchaser with Cryogenesis. Since this change I had one loss over nine games, which got me to gold.

@snowshot for now I my plan is to explore decks that have Snowchaser as the backbone. I will explore more reliable versions once the ladder settles down later in the month.

I like @whyb0t’s idea of going full meme with Auroraboros, Zurael and Keeper. Time to spend some spirit on legendary cards and try stuff out.


The moment of reasonability…

The problem is that true snowchaser factory cannot exist due to hand limit. So the full meme approach may just clog your hand with snowchasers in the best case scenario.

Some of replicate cards may be useful though.

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With this deck I found out that it doesn’t matter the amount of Snowchasers I loose from having a full hand. I just get so many of them.

This deck is fun to play. It is the first time I played Keeper of the Vale and this card is awesome.

Notes on the deck :
I added 2x Mana Deathgrip to make use of expensive combos sooner.
3x Blazing Spines for a lower curve, another way to get to infiltrate early and still be 100% sure to get a Snowchaser with Cryogenesis.

Gravity Well + Snowchasers + Auroraboros is surprisingly strong
EMP pretty much kills the deck, but otherwise I had a positive win rate in low gold.



Sounds really fun but god …

… 17K+ Spirit ain’t cheap :roll_eyes:

Everything mandatory for efficiency I guess ?


It sure is. Fortunately for me I only craft Vanar and Neutral cards and have been playing for awhile, so I generally have a bulk of spirit available.

It is clearly not for newer free-to-play players and I would not recommend new players to spend their spirit to make a deck like this. The cards are too expensive and not flexible enough to be played in a wide range of other decks.
But I believe there is untapped potential in those legendary synergies.

If some people ask for it, I will look into a budget version that feels similar. It will not be budget per say since Icebreak Ambush is an epic and is key part of the deck but I will try to reduce the spirit cost to a reasonable amount.

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I personally don’t think you can really make budget versions of meme decks. I find that meme decks revolve around a certain mechanic, and when making a meme deck, you have to dig through all the cards to find the ones that make the deck work. So you’re simply not going to be able to make a budget deck because it won’t work. Or at least, won’t work any near as well. If someone is looking for budget, they shouldn’t be going for meme decks and instead should be playing budget meta to get more wins, and thus more gold, and thus more orbs.
But just my opinion.


Welp, later match-ups were against faster decks.

With not many control tools I was not able to get to the late game combos.

I am now looking for a faster deck. Right now I am planning to go with the following:

I know there are better options but I want snowchaser to be the star of the deck.


Well, I dunno how you’re going to use shaman. If you strugle against aggro, maybe some healers could help?


I find Azure Horn Shaman to slow the opponents down since they usually do not want to destroy it while there are other minions around and I can use it to body block. But I have to play a few games with it to test out if it really does slow the opponent.


There’s a good Azure for this deck, and his name is not Horn Shaman :wink:


Is it the lion? :thonk:


No I was obviously referring to this


I still have a lot to learn.


After few games I understood that @alplod and @miguelosz were right and Azure Herald was better to slow aggro. Even after adding healing aggro is going too strong at the moment in low gold. Games end before we can get to 8 mana. I feel the deck just does not work at the moment.


It’s OK, it happens to the memes. At least we all had fun designing it :slight_smile: