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Smurf accounts. Why yours?

I used to read about various people having a secondary account in the game, but I’m unclear on why?

If you have a smurf account, what are you doing with it? How often is it used?


I made mine to play DOUBLE DUELYST. I recommend the experience to everyone.
Watched Kolos play it. Then did it at at friend’s house. Standing in the room in the middle of 2 pcs prancing around like in a bad pc scientist movie. Felt pretty good and my winrate was surprising- Perhaps because I have to focus more truly when its two games, whereas I often alt tab when playing just one.
Doesnt have quite the same flavor in just one pc but its still pretty nice.
Its easier to play the same deck twofold rather than different ones.

if i had not warned you now, in your first time, you would gleefully queue both accounts simultaneously not realizing you would match into yourself. Happens


Totally unexpected and awesome answer.


I started mine (this one) to have an extra account in case one of my friends started playing.

Then I noticed that I was more relaxed on the smurf, because I cared less about winning.
Nowadays I play both accounts pretty much the same.

Since I mostly play gauntlet, it makes no difference anyway, apart from double quests :grin:

But I do have similar decks for bosses and ladder.


I made a couple extra accounts just to open the 20 orbs they had that one time for new players. I wasn’t planning on switching accounts if I got super lucky or anything, I’m just addicted to loot boxes. :sweat_smile:


I was trying out the new player experience.

How long does it take me to build 1 meta deck with a totally new account?

Then different account for only budget decks.

Then different account for only basic card decks. I still play with the last one sometimes.


If I make one, it’ll probably be to read the flavor text for emotes I already own in the Shop.
(Not all emotes have unique text - some are just “Express [whatever] as General Name.”)


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