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Small QoL change: Searchable Tokens

literally the title. just please let me go to my card library and look up the list of uncraftable token cards

also fix deceptibot


If you really want this, there is a way.

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Give players the option see what tokens cards genereate while they are in ther collection menu. Take it one step further by also listing other cards that referance that token.

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what @alplod said


No script, he just meant that every token is panddo

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damn it anjo 15chars

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Knowing anjo it could be Photoshop.

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Sort of

Sort of



How many times must I tell you? I don’t have Photoshop!

To all of you: I am working on gathering information to help our friend @cloudfrog, I’ll post it soon™.


Yeah, we all know you’re too poor to buy it, too good-two-shoes to crack it, so you likely use Krita.

Photoshop is not an application. It’s the way of life. You have it.

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I have Krita, yes… but I don’t use it for faking things. Or do I?

Whatever you say. :wink:

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