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Slightly budget decks - Vetruvian


http://imgur.com/a/NYPL8 If you wanted to cut corners on either of these decks, where would you do it? In order to make the first, I’d need 3 Dioltas (probably useful in other decks too), 3 Aymara Healer (2 used in both decks, faction auto-include), 1 Wildfire Ankh, 2 Spinecleaver. That’s 5,900 spirit, of which 1,050 is on neutrals I’d probably find a second or third deck for in the near future, and 1,800 of which could go towards both decks.

For the second, I’d need both Nimbus and both Healers, and Nimbus is pretty specifically not much good in anything else and honestly looks like a likely future nerf. I’d also need all 3 Curses and both Stars’ Furies. 5,350 spirit, and only the spirit spent on Healers would ever be useful elsewhere. Perhaps neither list is even worth it.

Ideas? Opinions? Better lists?


Vetruvian is generally once of the more expensive factions, and Saj is usually even more so. I think the Zirix one would be safe to craft the card for, as they are good in all types of Vet decks. If you are missing cards, you can go for the Second Wish + Tiger Combo. I don’t think Nimbus is necessary. Aymara Healers on the other hand are extremely powerful.


Confused; you recommend healers over Nimbus, but Zirix over Sajj. Would you suggest Zirix with a particular card over Nimbus, or Sajj it anyhow?

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