Skorn or Harvester?


I’ve been messing around with Artifact Vaath for some seasons now and never got trouble climbing with it. Last season, even though I didn’t played as much as usually, I noticed an emergence of Blistering Skorns in Magmar. I always liked running Spirit Harvesters as AoE in my decks, comboing with Metamorphosis or simply pressuring the enemy. The way I see it, Skorn fits a similar role, costing way less mana, which is a huge upside, but damaging your general on the process (which can be quite harmful to your Artifacts) and without the pressure potential Spirit Harvester has. I’d like the opinion of other fellow Vaath players on what is the better option for Artifact decks…
PS: Keep in mind my deck has no Twin Fangs, so the potential synergy is out of the question


I’d still use Skorn over Harvester any day of the weak. Its cheaper, can therefore combo with egg morph and meta , has immediate impact (i.e. you can for example clear a Bloodtear that bodyblocks vaath and go for lethal the same turn). Also, Twing fang is great, why don’t you run it?


Harvester is kind of slow right now, and there are better pick for this mana cost I think.
Skorn can be buffed by Amplification juste after his summoning. Well Amplification have a direct synergy with it, and not with harvester.

So keep Skorn for now, always help against this stupid Arclyte regalia x).


My deck is very spell heavy, so there aren’t many minions to allow me some proper abuse of Twin Fangs. I also don’t have enough spirit to craft 'em, even if I was confident they would be useful (F2P : /)


I think it mostly depends on preference and the curve for your deck. Skorn is obviously faster and for that reason he is used more in a fast paced meta like this. However, if your deck plays more the control style and can handle the pressure without another early minion, then i would stick with Harvester because he doesn’t damage your artefacts, pings every round and is bigger.

Both minions combo with Meta and Morph in some way, Skorn with the downside that you have to play both in one turn and therefor high mana cost, harvester with the problem that he needs to stay alive before you can combo.

Another very important reason to use the Harvester is that he is just greener (aka cooler aka better) than that stupid red/black thing that everybody plays.


I would play skorn over harvester mainly because of the mana cost. Skorn can be played much earlier and it still has good stats for a 3 drop, also magmar has nothing to play at 3 so skorn has pretty much no competition for the mana slot while instead of harvester you could play Kron or Dancing Blades or Nature Confluence or Plasma Storm.