Skins, Shimzar, Prismatics Help please?


OK I’ve only been playing just over a week, but I’ve thrown myself in and tried to learn as much as I can. Barely started I know. This game is such a brilliant fusion of Collectible Card Games and Turn Based Tactics, but working out what all the jargon and technicalities mean is very difficult.
I do not want help with tactics and deck design (obviously I do, but not in answer to this question). There are plenty of excellent articles all over the web and I am also learning through the many defeats I am suffering.
But can somebody explain what “Card skins” are? There is an option to toggle them whilst viewing your collection, but I am not sure what this does. Similarly what are “Prismatics” and Shimzar. The Wiki has no contents page so you have to actively search and hope there is an answer, rather than read sections and plan what next to read and I want some expert opinion not my own stab in the dark assumptions. Thanks to anyone happy to help a newb. See you all on the battlefield!


Skin is exactly what the name applies, a reskin of an existing card. However unlike prismatics, it’s not a card in itself. Currently there is only few existing skins in the game and they can only be obtained via promotions.


Prismatics are shiny versions of cards that can be obtained by leveling and packs. Disenchanting prismatics gives you the full value of that rarity, and they have a rainbow aura when played. Card skins are special skins for cards given out at certain events, such as the gray/black keeper of the vale skin. I believe that this also includes MKII general skins in the cosmetic shop.


So, card skins are usually unlockable through events, like special sales or PAX, they don’t offer any advantage over normal cards, they can’t be sold for spirit once acquired. Prismatics are shinier versions of normal cards, they offer no advantage over normal cards too, but can be disenchanted for more than their non prismatic equivalent.
Shimzar is the name of the first big expansion that Counterplay released, Shimzar cards can only be acquired by buying Shimzar orbs from the armory or by crafting them.
Have a nice day.


Cheers people. Really fast response too. Inevitably some answers spawn new questions, but I’ll put them to one side (for now). This has helped a lot, particularly the stuff about disenchanting Prismatics. Not that I’m into disenchanting just yet. Don’t know what I will want keep and what I’ll want to specialise in yet. But good for future reference. Thanks again