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Sixdie, the Unlimited Abyssian murder machine

I want to see if we can optimize what I think I might have seen someone else call, and what at the very least I like to call, Sixdie. Three carrion collectors, three lurking fears, and all the best dying wish minions, all stuffed into one big critical-mass murderball. I strongly suspect the deck is cancer and needs to be nerfed, but before I start bugging Counterplay to balance something that’s in Unlimited, first I want to be sure that it’s as disgusting as I think it is. Which means first the deck needs to be optimized.

I’m not all that at Duelyst (building my own decks or playing them) so I’m going to need some help.

Here are the tools at our disposal. Please note, the following is not a decklist, just a collection of cards that might have a place in Sixdie:


Edit: Here’s an actual decklist. Looking for feedback. Might spit out a list for Lili or Cassy later.


Full of low-cost cards, and seeking to turn its high-cost cards into low-cost cards, this deck can perform one or two massive hand dumps at five mana plus after two ramps, and hopefully keep its action bar afloat for a couple more turns with darkspheres, desolators and nekomatas. But then hopefully the opposing general will drop dead after you drop a pile of undercosted dying wish minions on them. Once your klaxons and vorpal reavers are down to four mana, your opponent is going to be hard-pressed to kill them all and the husks you can spit out.

While I’m not terribly fond of aphotic drain, it keeps Maehv alive while also giving you an extra way to pop gnashers and nekomatas.

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I’ll probably make a roulette deck revamped post with my list later, but I think building this deck is just about the tools you want. Do you want removal? Rot9M. Stall? Dioltas. Threats? Vorpal. Etc etc etc


Lilithe and wanderer. and use all


I actually think the best DW general is probably Cassyva again. Originally it was Cassyva, back when Lurking Fear was an unplayable, frustrating meme, but with Desolator it went to Lilithe. I’m not sure why Cassyva feels better now, perhaps it’s the slower meta lending itself to control rather than bodies and tempo.

In my mind Lurking decks are nearly always control decks as you ramp and stay alive early to drop huge threats late game until your opponent dies. This means Maehv is just horrible for the deck, as she murders herself. But you can make her work in a more tempo oriented deck.

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My double ramp list is pretty good example of what you’re looking for (posted it on my Abyss deckthread). I haven’t played with it overly much after the expansion, so not sure if Lilithe or Cass is the better general. However I like Lili more because of the Chakram combos. There isn’t too much choice over the minions though, since Dioltas, Rot9m and Vorpal (/Klaxxon and Grimes) are just straight out better than other curve options (eg Hexclaw, Cacophynos and Ironclad). The general plan of the all-in dying wish Abyss decks is indeed dropping an endless amount of tempo on them until they can’t answer everything. Cards like Caco are terrible on tempo and thus not fit for the deck.

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a.) I prefer SixLurk.
b.) This deck has so many good choices, it’s really just whatever you feel, at least until Unlmited meta gets some exploration.


I feel like the combination of lurking fear and carrion collectors may have created the space for a more aggressive dying wish deck. If you can see any two of your six ramp cards, you can have two thirds to three quarters of your whole deck cost two mana less, which can enable massive hand dumps that are very hard to answer, particularly if you top it off with an azure horn shaman for zero and sacrifice him with malice, turning one or two other minions big on top of the big husk you just made. I’ve messed with it and it seems really explosive.

I guess you could go for something slower with one of the other girls. You’d lose access to azure horn shamans and gnashers, and the possibility of ramped cacophynos and ironclads (which I still feel could be good in a deck that could reliably make use of them for a lower cost), but you’d gain ritual banishing or punish, much more flexible removal than cacophynos, albeit without the husk, and much cheaper than ironclad and dark transformation. It may still be possible to run Maehv with enough healing, though, the build I’ve been messing with has a lot of healing stuffed into it.

Maybe something that just runs some specific strong minions, say, desolator, nekomata, vorpal reaver and klaxon, then fills the rest with Abyssian goodstuff?

How very meme of you, sir.

Can you shoot me a link to the post, or drop the decklist in here? Please and thank you, good sir.

Alright, I posted an actual decklist now.

Why Gibbet? you already have a lot of cheap minions / cheap spells and the only draw you have is nekomata… I’m afraid you’ll run out of cards early with this.

Yeah I was referring to dying wish minions beyond 3+ mana. I would never for example run Hexclaw or Caco in a Lurking list, I just don’t see the point. It’s perfectly fine however to add Thunderhorn, Purgatos, Revenants etc etc to an already good double ramp shell.

Nekomatas, darkspheres and desolators are all there to keep my hand floating. And I do have six six-drops. I mean, with the mana reductions, it’s true that I might burn my hand pretty fast, but if that does happen it means that the field’s flooded with massive threats and my opponent is probably about to die.

And the gibbets are there because I took cacophynos, ritual banishing and dark transformation out. Gibbets, gnashers and lures are my only answers, everything else is healing, draw and threats.

Here ya go:

Ooh, looks pretty solid. Let’s see here…

I hate nightmare operants, they’re gone…maybe drop a Dioltas for a spectral revenant, I’m not into one-of’s…no darkspheres, gonna have to fix that…without nightmare operants, dropping one void hunter will get me a playset of spheres…yep, I can work with this! Okay, probably going to go build this now. Thanks a ton.

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No prob! I’d suggest to drop a Grimes rather than Dioltas, Dios are super good as p1 turn 2 play

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