Sisters balancing suggestion After Taygete's nerf


I know Sisters cards should be a “strong card” but after the nerf hit Taygete, Me - and maybe other magmar main out there - feel she is not a “strong card” anymore, and I’m sure people don’t see her much of a threat anymore, well maybe still a bit threatening but can be easily to deal with.

Then I just realised Taygete is the only sister that needs to “engage in combat” to act effectively, yet she only have 4hp. On the other hand, Kelaino have 5hp and she can hide in the corner, stay away from combat, to act effectively.

The other sisters doesn’t seem much played, but recently I saw some Maia played.
If there should be a change, I think sisters with “out of combat / doesn’t have to fight” effects should have 4hp as well (Alkyone, Maia, Kelaino have 5hp), but If they want to keep it as it is, it’s okay. Sister cards should be strong anyway. But still, Taygete can’t be called strong now.

If there will be balance changes I would suggest :

  • Change Kelaino stats to 3/4.
  • Change Maia stats to 5/4.
  • Change Alkyone stats to 4/4.
  • Change Taygete stats to 2/5

I wouldn’t mind with it.

So, what’s your opinion about it, guys?


I mean I think the card is still good and a 3x in most Magmar decks. Yea now there are things that trade favorably (and for free) into it, notably Falcius’ general buff, but the card is still a walking bomb and can reap shadow creep decks. If I was to put a scale on power level from 1 to 10 its was a 10 before the nerf and like a 7 now. Its still really really good, just not as swingy as before.


Taygete still needs a nerf imo. It’s “kill everything and deal shitton of damage for 4 mana” the card.


2/5 would be way better than 3/4. Taygete always scared the shit out off me and now i can just one shot her with Cryogenesis.


…yeah if you let it trade into your big minions, sure

Sometimes it’s just worse than a 4/6, though. (Which is the golem Statline for 4 mana) And any 2 drop plus general hit can kill it now. Flash reincarnation combo is now a lot worse (now dies to general after flash-sister).

Yeah, it’s still good. But as @freud said, it got a lot worse and is now not OP. But still good.


Like the proverb say: " good players are very good at finding imbalance but they are very bad at solving them".

plz make kelaino not zne’ruiable plz

Basically a nerf, 4/5 is way better than 5/4 from my experience.

Once again not sure if its a buff, because zen’rui …

Taygete nerf is completely justified, but she is still very playable. The only sisters that might be too good is Kelaino nerf her down to 2/4 would not shock me. Maia and Alkyone could see play if the context allows it. Only sun sister seems very underpowered.


Yeah, I think shadow sister also deserves nerf, though it has been overshadowed in abyssian with all the creep shenanigans. Not sure if it is as powerful as old taygete, hard to compare.


she’s still super good from my experience, she’s just slightly weaker and that’s better than some cards have gotten, cough scion’s third wish cough


i think the tygette nerf is not a nerf, since battle pets just get insta countered by her, i think the nerf was needed for this new mechanic to be any good


Yet taygete is still good against pets.

And I don’t think taygete should get a nerf for just that, given how bad magmar got post-expansion


I think 2/5 would have been a better change for Earth Sister too. I think she should still be beefy and deal damage back just do 1 less. She would still kill any 2 drop for free, but just be slightly weaker. I don’t mind the 3/4, but I think 2/5 would have fit the character better.

Same with Vet Silithar. I think it should still have been beefy, just lowered the attack rather than the HP. Something like 3/5 or even 3/6. That way it is still sticky, but doesn’t dish out quite as much damage. In hindsight it is probably better to give it a higher attack value cuz of the egg rush.


3/6 might be a little too good, but 3/5 is definitely more reasonable than 4/3.

More on topic, sister at 2/5 can get zen’rui -ed, as @thorrk said - also the new vet card. But I still like it! Def better besides those possibilities.


Taygate is Bae because Bae always leads to heartbreak



I think it’s kinda alright if Taygete can get zen’rui-ed. I know it’s really punishing, but magmar always have good removal cards to sustain that, so I wouldn’t worry much about it. At least Magmar will understand how Songhai or Abyssian feeling when their “faction defining” card (lantern fox/Kelaino) got zen’rui-ed :joy:

yes she can’t be zen’rui-ed, but you can holy immolation/cryo/makantor her (more counter possibilities).


The thing is, with the sisters, zen’rui is HUGE!!! taygete’s effect makes it have an effective attack of at least 4, and can easily destroy high cost minions and multiple low drops. If you’re a magmar of all things and you have to face an earth sister that was just stolen, unless you have nat sec or plasma storm you’re doomed. Unless you feel like taking 12 or something damage?


yeah I agree, but there are some ways to deal with that ; nat sec, thumping wave, eggmorph, ephemeral shroud, repulsor beast, lightbenders, plasmastorm… or just zen’rui her back :joy:

If you can’t pull any counter to it, it’s just “if you don’t have the answer you’re pretty much doomed”-moments, and it’s normal thing in duelyst. (aymara,vorpal reaper, etc.etc.)


Where did you heard that? They are cards like any others. Taygete was strong because at the time magmar was trash and needed a strong card.

People using cards like they’re supposed to be used is a bad thing? You wan’t kelaino to have aggressive stats despite it’s defensive mechanics and the other way around for taygete? I don’t get it.

All sisters are played to some capacity other than Maia as she doesn’t have good enough support sadly. Also, stats usually dictate how aggressively the card is played more often than the effect itself, unless the effect is really broken. “Passive cards should have 4 hp”, I have no idea why would you think that.

So now you can play it still play it behind and if you want you can move it in to trade for a 2 or even a 3 drop. Good nerf.

Yeah, let’s make an unplayable card even shitty because reasons. Maia is meant to be played aggressively, not defensively, and the stats you gave her made her worse in both regards. Okay.[quote=“redvampire, post:1, topic:3222”]
Change Alkyone stats to 4/4.

Another nerf due to you faulty logic how defensive cards should have 4 hp. Alkyone isn’t even played, why do you keep insisting on making cards tgat aren’t played even worse?

So CPG nerfed taygete to 4 hp because it was usually too hard to trade into 5 hp without taking too much damage and now you’re giving it 5 hp back. Sure, it will deal slightly less damage but it would still be strong. I guess the logic is how offensive cards need 5 hp just like defensive ones need 4?

I’m far from being an expert on game balance, but you really sound like you have no idea what you’re talking about and just want to make changes for the sake of changes. Sisters are all individual cards, just because one got changed because it was too strong doesn’t mean other should to. I’m not saying they’re perfectly balanced, far from it, especially in case of Maia but damn. Your logic behind the changes is something I can’t wrap my head around.

Oh and one last thing. A minion being vulnerable to zenrui isn’t that big of a deal. You know, despite all the people claiming how OP zenrui is and how every good 2 attack card is unplayable due to it, you sure see a very low amount of them being played in actual decks. Might as well call every provoke or frenzy minion trash because hollow exists. Oh wait, that card isn’t that played either. I just find that slightly funny.


Didn’t read the entire thread, but:
Magmars best 4-drop is a spell now, its ridiculous.
People are seriously overestimating Taygete, right now i only play it because people are still kinda crazy about Pets.

That aside, i agree with raqyee, don’t see the point of changing other sisters, just because beloved taygete got hit with the banhammer.


For holy immolation/makantor, the card will have to be in the melee which in most cases not the case since kailano usually sits in the back alone , so makantor/immlation would not be that great, cryo however would destroy her.

It is not a matter of calling a card trash or not but to consider everything those stats change implies , and zen rui is an important part of it. You say zen’rui doesn’t see that much play, we are still 3/4 days after the release so it is normal that people plays more pro active cards , wait a little you will see them grow in number if the meta allows it. Beside a Taygete as a 2/5 would probably makes zen’rui strong even against magmar which was so far one of the few faction to not care about zen’rui.

I concede that a 2/5 Taygete would probably be better than a 3/4 but once again I think Taygete as a 3/4 is completely all right ,in fact she still sees quite a bit of play, the only difference is that now it is not a no brainer auto inclusion which is great.


Taygete is card you play aggressively a card like that shouldn’t be zen rui bait.4 winds or Shadow dancer or Shadow Sister those are type of cards that should be zen ruiable . A card like Eclipse or Taygete or a provoke that you want to be effective shouldn’t have 2 attack it is pointless.I wouldnt play a 2 attack taygete it would consistently on curve lose you the game.

I said it before give the frenzy tag to Taygete if you wanted to nerf it.