Sister card set


just asking to get a faction sister do i have to have 3 sets of each rares in that certain faction?


You have to have 3 of each rare in the core set, without Shim’zar cards. You can disable Shim’zar cards in the crafting menu.


i’m a little confused what is a core set? sorry i’m still new


Core cards are all cards except the Shim’zar cards (Shim’zar is the first expansion of Duelyst).


We really need set symbols lol


Set symbols would help - just make the rarity gem a different shape for each expansion.

For now though when you’re in your collection you can sort the collection and x off the ‘show shim’zar cards’ and then type rare into the search bar, will give you all the faction rares, should be 6 in each faction. To get the neutral one you just get 3x of any 6 core set rares, don’t have to collect them all.


thanks a lot! i learned new things lol


thank you for answering my questions you saved me 900 spirit