Sir Althur's Abyssian lists; Volume III


Hello everyone, long time no see. I hope you all had a great holiday and I wish you a wonderful new year.

As some of you already know I am Althur, an exclusively Abyssian main and S rank player. I am playing Duelyst for over a year now and am currently holding 22 Abyssian ribbons (7/01).

January 7th, 2017

I took a small break from Duelyst for the last few months and as such I wasn’t very active for a while. I even broke my streak of 7 consecutive seasons in S rank because I didn’t play enough… Not gonna lie, it kinda hurts my OCD :crying_cat_face:

However with the latest expansion (Rise of The Bloodborn) which changed the meta significantly and a new year ahead of us I decided to come back with a new set of fresh decks for you guys.

As per usual, without further ado I present Volume III;


[details=Scar & Punish]

  • Intro

This list is the successor to my “Oblivion Sphere” deck from Volume I.
As such this is the evolved version of my main deck. I took it to S rank in December and already hit diamond with it on the 3rd day of the season and S rank on the 7th.

Just like the old version, it is a midrange/control deck which requires careful judgment and decision making for a very rewarding play style. In the right hands the list should be able to hold its own against all matchups.

  • Game Plan

Once again, the goal of the deck is to board control and build creep until you can use a finisher.

With many ways for removal, healing and hand management it all comes down to how well your decision making is with positioning, replacing and planning ahead.

There are several different strategies against various match ups but the general goal is to control the board and survive long enough to use the creep payoff cards to secure a victory.

  • How Do You Function?!

Early game offers us many options and various openers. Crawler and OOz are the main adversaries on turn 1 while Alcuin, Sojourner or a 4 drop are better used on turn 2.

The next few turns will consist of either developing a board or clearing the enemy’s.

As for removal we have a handful of options;
Sphere, Lure, Skorn and our BBs offer a global ping to take down small or damaged minions.
Shroud can neutralise threats by stripping them off their effect while Lure can pull them in range or sling them far away from the action.

Punish is the latest addition to the Abyssian arsenal of removal, promoting Cassy’s strong control game even further. Just like the name of the list suggests, we can destroy any threat with a single ping from our BBs.
In the late game we have access to Revenants for quick removal alongside burst.

Lastly, although not very commonly used as removal rather than a finisher, we do have the ability to wipe the board clean with Obliterate which in some matches is the correct call.

The list also has several ways to heal;
Kelaino is a strong support card which prompts great amounts of healing if left unattended (see Notable Synergies).
Void Pulse possess an elegant effect of both healing and damage dealing at the same time, the latter of which opens up a synergy with Kelaino to heal even more.
The Pulses can be recycled with Alcuin for further use.

Throughout the match we are going to have to manage our resources.
Thanks to a steady curve and cycling with Sphere or Alcuin we don’t tend to run out of cards quickly. Sojourner can be played at all stages of the game to make sure we don’t run out of fuel. With proper hand management we should easily reach late game with a healthy hand.

Our threats consist of Juggers, Skorns, Klaxons and Revenants.
All of them are quite big and often either eat up removal, trade well or deal a high amount of damage.

At some point during late game a Revenant or Obliterate will show up in our hand waiting to be used as a finisher or to setup lethal for the turn after.

It is important it to plan lethal several turns ahead in order to know when to retreat and when to engage. With trial and error will come experience which will guide us through various matchups and situations.

  • Notable Synergies

Sphere + BBs = 2 damage (Works with all other pings).

OOz + BBs = Generate creep on an enemy space for chip damage (Works with Skorn).

BBs + Punish = Easy removal (Works with Skorn)

Klaxon + Punish = Proc her Dying Wish and feed Jugger/Obliterate.

Pulse + Alcuin + Pulse = 6 hp heal and 4 face damage.

Sphere + Alcuin + Sphere = Double cycle and ping respectively.

Kelaino + Pulse = 4 hp heal.

Kelaino + Revenant = 4 face damage and heal for 2 hp.

Kelaino + Skorn = Large scale heal and global ping.

Kelaino + Obliterate = Large scale heal and board clear.


[details=Lurking Oblivion]

  • Intro

This list is the successor for my “Lurking Nether” list from Volume I.
It is quite similar to its predecessor but handles itself a lot better.

Playing a ramp kind of style with various Dying Wish effects in a Cassy deck is still very exciting. The list is now more adjusted to have the necessary healing and early game in order to reach its goal.
The new name also fits the list better as it perfectly describes the goal of the deck.

  • Game Plan

The plan here is to be able to play Dying Wish threats earlier than intended and abuse their effects while building creep to Obliterate.

There are many ways to take advantage of our minions to generate value and develop a strong board in this list as well as insane Obliterate wipes that deal tremendous damage.

  • How Do You Function?!

The first turn will almost always begin with a Lurking Fear both for player one and two. This allows an early acceleration which makes all future turns stronger. We always try to play Lurking Fear alongside another card whenever we can especially when it appears later in order to not lose on tempo.

Developing a board is the first priority after a Lurking Fear. We try to take advantage of the Dying Wish effects with Consuming Rebirth and Nether Summoning.

It is important to play on curve, around 1 minion a turn, in order to manage our hand until we draw a Rite to refill it.

Consuming rebirth has many synergies within the deck and especially good on Gnasher and Klaxon (see Notalbe Synergies).

Speaking of Gnasher, he is amazing in this deck! With consuming rebirth in hand, you can trigger his effect at will. This allows you for example to hit face for 3, trigger his effect for another 3 and still have a 4/4 body which can explode for another 3 AOE damage!

Klaxon however is real star here. Proccing her Dying Wish effect once or twice immediately sets up lethal with Obliterate. Her ability allows us to easily and quickly build creep which opens up the possibility for a second Obliterate, the first being a setup for lethal or a board wipe.

Note that in a pinch Punish can be used as a trigger for Dying Wish instead of Consuming Rebirth.

Herald and Pulses keep us healthy throughout the match and as for removal the list doesn’t disappoint. Early to mid game we’ve got Sphere, Lure, Shroud and Punish alongside Gnasher synergies to carry us. Late game we have access to Revenants for single target removal and Obliterate as a global AoE.
It is fairly easy to find the tools to board control when we have to.

Nether can generate a lot of value but we’ve got to remember not to be greedy and use it appropriately.

The game ends when we play Obliterate on an entirely creepy board on behalf of Klaxon’s Dying Wish we abused all the way through the match.

  • Notable Synergies

Sphere + BBS = 2 damage.

Consuming Rebirth + Gnasher = +1/+1 and a whooping 3 AOE damage! (essentially a DeathBlighter effect).

Consuming Rebirth + Dioltas = +1/+1 and a free 0/10 Provoke (Tombstone can spawn on Dioltas’s space when near Cassy. Use with caution!).

Consuming Rebirth + Klaxon = +1/+1 and 6 free creep tiles!

Punish + Dying Wish minion = Trigger effect in a pinch.

Lure + Gnasher trade = Board clear.

Nether + Reaper = 3 minions worth of value.


[details=Furious Sacrifice]

  • Intro

This list has sprung from the “Rise of The Bloodborn” expansion which introduced Grandmaster Variax. With Furusa to support the early game and Variax to carry the mid-late game this archetype was born.

It quickly became popular in ladder as a powerful list with endless late game potential and this is my take on it.

  • Game Plan

The idea is to build a strong board early on with Furosa and Cryptographer until being able to ramp out Variax with Darkfire Sac.

At that point each use of our Awesome! BBs will pressure the opponent forcing them to spend removal, trade inefficiently or run away.

Eventually the Furious Wraithlings will overwhelm the opponent and force them to concede or get beatdown mercilessly.

  • How Do You Function?!

At the first few turns Furosa and Cryptographer are going to assist in building a board which we are going to need to trade or sacrifice.

Sphere, Lure, Bloodtear, Shroud and Ritual Banishing are all going to aid in board control while Kelainos and Pulses keep us healthy.

Deathfire Crescendo is a strong mid-late game tool for high amounts of damage. Before Variax shows up it is our biggest threat and can sometimes seal out the game.

Once Variax is online, Priestess, Wraithling Swarm and Cryptographer all become a lot more relevant for huge board development. Swarm alone allows us to get five 5/5 bodies on board in practically any position we choose.

At that point all that is left is to survive because we surely will out value the opponent and they know it, so they will try to abandon every attempt at board control and focus on aggro. With smart positioning and timely healing, victory is just around the corner.

  • Notable Synergies

Sphere + Bloodtear = 2 damage.

Furosa + (Cryptographer + BBs)x2 = Two 3/3 and two 2/2 Wraithlings along with Crypto (not including Furosa) that’s 12 worth of stats on board!

Furosa + Swarm + BBs = Five 2/2s.

Furosa + Priestess + BBs = Value.

Kelaino + Pulse = 4 hp heal.

Crescendo + Crescendo = Tons of damage.

Wraithling Swarm + A!BBs = Five 5/5s.

Priestess + A!BBs = Insane board!

Furosa + A!BBs = Bigger Wraiths.

Crypto + A!BBs = More Wraiths.

Banishing + Crescendo = Removal and Buff (Can close out games).



  • Intro

This list is the successor to my “Blood Wraiths” deck from Volume I.
It is a Deathwatch oriented list which aims to gain many buffs to quickly take over the board.

With the introduction of Furosa, the old list took a turn to different direction leaning more towards Wraithling synergy.
The deck is quite strong and has several win conditions which creates flexible and interesting games.

  • Game Plan

The goal this time is not so different than the last. We quickly swarm the field and buff it. We use our bodies to trade or to deal damage depending on the situation as well as trigger Deathwatch effects.

With Furosa and Mirkblood buffing our Wraithlings, they should stick better and eventually push lethal with further buffs or Deathwatch procs.

  • How Do You Function?!

The first few turns consist of developing a buffable board. Furosa and Mirkblood provide stronger bodies while Cryptographer, Wraithling Swarm and Priestess provide the bodies themselves.

Like always, removal is of the essence and so is healing. As for the former we’ve got Sphere, Bloodtear, Lure and Shroud for the early game and Void Steal along with Revenants for the late game. Of course we can and should use our board to clear the enemy’s. As for the latter, Heralds and Shadowdancers should keep us healthy.

Sojourners and Rite refill our hand while Sphere cycles it.

It is important to position Mirkblood in a strategic spot where it can buff random spawns as well as try to proc its effect for weaker minions like Herald and Sojourner for a stronger board.

Crescendo or Void Steal are both excellent sources of damage, the latter often unexpected especially when comboed with Lure. They can close out games very quickly.

Revenants are of course present as finishers but Shadowdancer will often close the game even quicker with a strong board.

  • Notable Synergies

Sphere + Bloodtear = 2 damage.

Furosa + (Cryptographer + BBs)x2 = Two 3/3 and two 2/2 Wraithlings along with Crypto (not including Furosa) that’s 12 worth of stats on board!

Furosa + Swarm + BBs = Five 2/2s.

Furosa + Priestess + BBs = Value.

Crescendo + Crescendo = Tons of damage.

Banishing + Crescendo = Removal and Buff (Can close out games).

MIrkblood + Swarm = Three 2/2s.

Mirkblood + BBS = Up to two 2/2s.

Mirkblood + Priestess = More 2/2 wraithlings.

Mirkblood + Revenant = 7/7 Rush.

Lure + Void Steal = Perfect buffing position and threat removal.


                   History & Changes

Last Update; [7/01]

[07/01 ; post created]

                   Last Words

That is all for now guys. Take these lists to S rank and make me proud! :smirk_cat:

It’s great to be back and to see Duelyst change and evolve.
If I get any new ideas for cool decks that can work I’ll add them to the thread and keep updating it if I make changes to the current lists.

If you like any of my lists please leave a like and spread the word :smile_cat:

If anyone has a question regarding alternatives, the card picks or anything really, please feel free to ask, review, criticise or discuss.

Sir Althur ;3


What are your thoughts on Grasp of Agony? I know that players usually love it or hate it but I see that you don’t run a single one in any of your lists. I think it does great against aggro decks earlygame when they steal all your mana tiles and leave several, ripe, under 3 HP minions for the picking. Combos very well with Keilano, and also deals well with Pax, Wraithlings, Starhorn, and more things I am sure that I can’t think of off the top of my head.


Grasp actually is one of my favourites, my old lists used to include 2-3 copies. However in the current meta I couldn’t really fit them without losing consistency or power.

You need to understand that each card carries a role. Grasp is used for AoE and to some extent for burst. Now each list has some sort of card or combo which already fills said role.

Both Lily lists encourage a zoo play style which means you are going to use your minions to clear the enemy’s, being swarm you should have enough board presence to justify not running AoE.

The Cassy lists however have AoE elements. Scar & Punish runs Skorn along with other various pings that offer a lot of control over a large field of minions and overall Grasp is more effective with 3 Lures anyway. Lurking Oblivion has Gnasher synergies which work almost exactly as Grasp does.

I still like the card but fitting it was tough especially in high level play where everyone is playing around it as best as they can.


I think I played against one of your creep decks today, gg :slight_smile: I’m also an (almost) solely Abyss player. Great lists!


I’m happy to see that there are others who don’t see Abyssian as a one-trick pony. Love the designs, and I’m glad to hear they work well for you.


Good news guys!
I recently got a new pc and equipment which will finally enable me to start recording and making videos. I have heard some requests to watch my decks in action and at last I’ll be able to deliver.

I’m planning to open a YT channel and possibly a twitch both of which I’ll post here when they are up and running.

I hope you guys will follow me.


Scar & Punish Edit; -2 Sojourner, + 2 Rite of The Undervault.

Soj is too slow during late game which is when we need to find our finishers.
Because we have Alcuins and Spheres to cycle during early mid game, hand management isn’t too difficult. Rite fits better as it’s late game when we need to start refilling our hand so the cost fits the timing anyway.


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