Siphon Energy possible change?


1 Mana
Dispel a minion. draw a card at the end of your turn.

Thoughts? I think this would negate the loss of card advantage, while also getting rid of the 0 mana dispel that requires no real thought to use (you can still make an on curve play).


I think that simply adding the draw effect to the current state would help it, but I would rather see more ways for vet to combat range, such as more blast minions and dervish


It’s a nice tweak, but knowing CP they might see this as OP cause it dispels and draws a card. Also it doesn’t require “better positioning” and less skill to play. Cause vet is the only faction with an unlimited range dispel right? And has the best tools in the games to neutralize threats right?


Unfortunately, no. This would be strictly better than the old 0 cost version, which was recently changed to require the general to be standing next to the minion to dispel it.

The whole idea behind dispel, is that it costs you something, generally a card, and a few crystals, to remove buffs, the dying wish, provoke, forcefield, etc. game text of a minion (which presumably also cost your opponent crystals and a few cards).

So you have to weigh the cost of the card you spend to dispel, against the cost of the opponent minions game text, and buffs he has applied. To decide if using your dispel is justified. By adding the “draw a card” text to a spell, it lessens the dynamic thinking of ‘is this worth a card’. – Just look at the vanar spell, cryogenesis, that draws a vespyr minion from your deck, essentially a 3 cost, deal 4 damage, draw a card. This card has less thinking about what targets to use it on, since there is no draw back decision regarding card resources, since it only costs crystals. Even using it on a 2 crystal minion seems ok, Since it costs your opponent 2 crystals, and a card, to your 3 crystals (and no cards, since it replaces itself).

The most interesting and dynamic answer/counter cards are those that make you stop to consider their best use before casting them.


No. 1 mana 0 card deal with any threat is way too good, way better than the old version. If there was a 0 mana +1/+1 in vet, it would be way worse than first wish. A cheap cantrip that deals with any threat at any range is so much better than a cheap cantrip +1/+1, and first wish is already a great card


Your version is ridiculously powerful better than the old one BY FAR, just compare it to sphere of darkness and you will see XD.

God players are really not good at making cards :sweat_smile:.

The ideal fix to me would just to bring it back to infinite range with a cost of 1 mana.


Love the idea. This way, I don’t ever have to worry about draw no matter what vet deck I play. I can just put in 3x first wish and 3x siphon, cards which I would include anyway and have what is basically 6 cycle cards opening the slots for different cards.


I would like it to be changed to be like “blast” when it comes to targeting i.e. can target melee units around the general, but can also target any unit in the four cardinal directions around the general. However have it NOT be aoe like blast. But only have the targeting range blast minions have.

This way it becomes a positioning depend spell but it is still good in most cases.

Honestly I would like the same change to be made to entropic decay but it might be too versatile then. Dominate will can stay as nearby the general since it is good enough as it is.


That’s silly broken


Care to elaborate why? And also which suggestion you are calling broken?


The one in the OP. Unconditional dispel that also cycles for 1 mana is absolutely insane. Dispel is vital in this game, and you’d be able to use that one virtually whenever, be it to get tempo early game or remove a big minion later on. There is no reason whatsoever why you would not always start every vetruvian deck ever by putting in 3 of these bad boys.


still wouldn’t even put vet at the head of the pack.

like legit, among S rank players vet was already sitting at the back of the pack prenerf, and that was with them using kron to supplement major issues their faction faced with agro, as well as their slow as shit 5 drops.

vet was arguably the faction most held together by kron, and they lost that central pillar alongside dispel getting a nerf no one was okay with and no one wanted.

a bad faction needs no nerfs, if they want to open up design space, then do so by adding in these cards that make use of the design space. dont make vet mains have to play test this shit for like a month before they finally fix their stupid ideas.


Vet is currently underpowered, sure, but the solution isn’t amping up one card to 11. That’s just a recipe to create the next broken factions, and basically just juggle them around month after month. Adjusting a few cards slightly is a more sensible way of going on about it. I’m certain there’s a number of old and unused cards in vet that could do with some touching up. Or alternatively other factions are too strong in some regards, and need some adjustment downwards. Or likely a combination of both.


i mean…

thats literally been their solution to everything.

so in keeping with the mindset of counterplay.

yes, yes it is the proper way to fix vet that is literally a faction held together by 2-3 cards atm.

i mean it shouldn’t be that way, but it is, and i dont expect them to retroactively go back and fix all the vet cards so that they aren’t 90% all god awful.

fucking physic conduit? fucking corpse combustion, i mean, shit neather summoning thats harder to use and random and requires a board you can sacrifice when you want to and my god? fucking sand trap? Portal guardians? like… a vast majority of the cards in vet are just trash tier. and the few that have potential (i.e. oserix) can’t ever see play in such a retardedly agro meta.


Siphon energy - 0
Dispell a space near your general

I’d go this way : the lost of the range effect couldn’t totally be called a nerf.


I thought if a way to change siphon so that it is not OP . 0 mana dispel an enemy minion. Oh wait, this was the effect pre-nerf right? Oops, guess it was balanced.

Ps. I’m just salty. But tbh making siphon have the old effect and bump it to 1 mana and maybe even change the text to dispel a space would be fine. Also the dispel a minion in blast range sounds cool too.

And yeah, the faction is literally having an identity crisis with 90% of unplayable cards and held together by only a few key cards. And we just lost one recently that was completely balanced. Guess I’ll just stop playing vet for now cause I mean sajj and lack spirit to craft an entirely new deck.