Sinpathy's artworks!


All credits go to our good @sinpathy !
I just post them because I don’t know if he usually posts them and I find them amaaaaazing.

Aren’t they amazing ? I truly love them. I would marry them if it was legal and possible !

Again, all made by @sinpathy . I hope you don’t mind I did that.

Also, you should definitely check the @PlayDuelyst twitter, they have this fanart friday thing and previews as you all know.

Art Link :


the first is amazing (all of them are)!

Who is that with sajj? Is it reva? The wolf kind threw me off


Reva Eventide, the scourge of the meta :joy:


all of them look totally awesome. is sinpathy open for requests? I’d love to see some l’kian or spelljammer arts


Ask him, I can’t say for him lol


Holy poptarts! Where did you find these? Can you provide a link to where they post their art please?


Have a link !
Take a look at @PlayDuelyst’s Tweet:


The first artwork was commissioned for my twitch.

He does do requests, but that first one took him awhile to make :smiley:


That’s pretty neat, any prices ? I’m on a budget and already plan to commission from an other dude.


yup, and by awhile he means forever xD i take too long for better artworks


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