Single Player Mode


Hey Duelyst, Forum-People,

I started this game just recently, laddered up to 18 for the first time in ranked mode and am addicted it so far :slight_smile:

The thing that drew me in (apart from the great pixel art and gameplay) was the fantastic lore and stories that you could tell with it. I really loved the tutorial missions, explaining the world and the keywords, so I was wondering, is there any word on the

More expansive single player modes with challenging AI battles.

as explained in
Like instead of a 80+ card expansion, a buyable campaign where you can earn a few cards while exploring the lore? Or do they have specified what they meant?



Well the solo challenges, daily challenges, and AI (practice mode) are all pretty staple single player modes for CCGs.
Not really sure what more could be added. A campaign would really just be a puzzle compilation or battles against AIs with flavor text at most. Not really that expansive imo.


I saw someone wax poetic about how a single player adventure could be used as a vehicle to explore lore. They mentioned how there is a difference between reading/hearing the lore of the game and actually interacting with it. I’m inclined to agree with the gent that controlling starhorn during the tournament he first appeared at in the lore would be beyond grand.


Or a epic single player story with animated cut scenes between missions and puzzles that have more variety than one turn kills that instead have different rules or shaped battlefields with unique story specific cards and enemies.


I don’t know if its ever going to happen, but if it did, they would have my money so fast. I love the puzzles, and I appreciate the lore, but I would LOVE if the two were fused such that I could actually experience the lore, see these already expressive sprites infused with even more character through actual dialgue and character arcs.

Personally I’d prefer if any single player content had fixed decks/draws too, rather then letting you use your own deck, so that they could be more finely balanced puzzles that just went on for more then one turn because they control what you draw and thus can always give you the tools necessary to over come your obstacle, but can also force you to do so in creative ways. If they did have any “use your own collection” battles, I’d rather they were the exception to the rule, optional side bosses or something.

But regardless, again, I very much hope this does become a thing some day in one form or another. There’s a reason fire emblem games are so popular, and its not for their multiplayer, a game like duelyst could be popular for both.


Personally would pay for something like that. would still love the game even if it didn’t have it though, and it seems like a lot of work so idk


The Elder Scrolls: Legends features a solo iteration of Gauntlet that has quickly become my go-to mode for progression/card collecting and casual play. And since AI games can be interrupted and resumed at any time, it’s also my default mode when there really isn’t time to play but play I do regardless, and during those long deep orbit debacles, polar perils, and other spotty connection scenarios which would have me ostracized from the community before too long.

You can read more about the implications and my unbridled passion for this mode in this Reddit thread. But in short, the ticket and drafting processes function exactly like a regular arena (TESL’s Gauntlet analogy). But instead of random players, you’ve a choice of 8 AI opponents (drawn from a large pool of pre-constructed decks), some of which might also bring with them permutations to rules or circumstances (often advantageous to the AI, but not always). If you defeat all 8, you face a boss, and victory will improve your solo arena rank and offer greater resistance next run.

And it is just TONS of lots of fun. Which is not bad, considering that it is also a great way to familiarize yourself with cards, combos and fundamental strategies, build up skills, and grow your collection.

In the end, we’re all here to go (real) face. But the wonderfully exciting tension and focus of multiplayer is not always desireable (for reasons of data loss, convenience or confusion). A solo Gauntlet would offer an alternative to versus play that - unlike challenges and practice - is not limited in progression and rewards, and neither in challenge and variety.

Challenging and interesting AI play that also offers unlimited progression is just about the only thing I miss in Duelyst, next to mobile support. While downright idea thef… uhm, homage is beneath the innovative minds of Counterplay, I hope something at least distantly related to TESL’s solo arena might find its way across the realms to Mythron.

But dressed up and resplendid in all its pixelated murderous minitiature glory, of course.


I concur. See different topic.


On the road map I believe they say something about bosses, and that seems really interesting, some big unique AI boss to be taken on by one or many players :smile: