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Simple Vaath diamond deck


When they quit your second favorite faction because of your favorite faction


I actually don’t know which of the two is my favourite. But I see your point😁


I’ll get 3 grimwars next then :slight_smile:


First of all: Since I don’t play any more then a few games every month I can’t tell anything about the Meta at the moment. But I really don’t see any reason why the posted deck should be any stronger then any deck using the standard Vaath Smash / Golem shell.

Something like that:

Put in a third two Drop of your choice.
I see many Bloodtear in decklists nowadays so I assume there’s a reason, so…
Shroud is also a pretty common choice at the moment it seems.
In this deck Kujata was always helpful.

Never played Vaath with Mentor but this seems to be a good choice.

There’s room for an Artifact of choice (Claws) while Scales as a one of seem to be more memey. (Me, personally, didn’t use any artifacts in this list.)

Depending on the own playstyle some card draw + three drop or no card draw and 5+ drop.

Done. Pretty boring and standard I know - but this should be the most effective way when wanting to play Vaath.

In your list Flameblood seems really out of place since this is not really an Aggro list and you’re missing healing. And I don’t believe Aer does this job well enough. But I have to admit I didn’t even know about that card. :rofl:

Just my 2 cents. I can be very wrong because of not playing that much at the moment.

Old player, just come back
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