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Simple Vaath diamond deck


This was one of the first Magmar decks I made so it was a bunch of cards thrown together but as i changed a couple of them it got me to diamond for the first time. I would love to hear about any possible changes :slight_smile:


Usual Vaath smash deck contains Lavalasher and Rebuke if I’m correct. I’d say -3 maw, -3 Aer, +3 Lava, +3 rebuke.

But, I’m no Magmar professional.



Personal experience: if you run flameblood, run Sphere atleast. Ragebinder together with metalurgist make for really good opening plays. Lavaslasher is very strong, rebuke is op. Dunno how good BBMentor is, doesnt prock Drogon, so not really needed, also, EMP?


I’m trying so hard not to make this post salty.

But, yeah, like alplod said, you want some homo, some hash slinging slasher and dump gaping maw.


Hey thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: , I’ll try them out and come back. I originally played swarm Abyssian but it’s hard to keep up with all the clears nowadays :frowning:


What? You betrayed Abyssian for Magmar?

Shame up on you!

If only I knew it before I was trying to help you…

I’m not serious

Although I am


ye I got really fed up with songhai AOE bullshit

So I gave into that sweet sweet dinopower

The cult is tracking me as we speak…


You better not be serious, you went from Swarm, to class with the best swarm counters(rebuke and Plasma). REPENT FOR YOUR SINS, REPENT!!!


First, congratulations on diamond! As for feedback, I would recommend you take out Warlock, or at least take out a copy; it has anti-synergy with your artifacts. (Personal preference, the choice is yours.) Maw and Aer seem like odd choices; how are they working out for you?


Hey thanks :slight_smile: ! Well maw isn’t anything special it makes for a good start if the opponent played something killable or if they put something to block lethal in late game, and aer worked with songhai/vanar spell decks plus it has good attack and health.


once you go Vaath…


Shush, I started as a Vaath main, and now my best deck is Swarm Abyss


Its good that you have uses for these, but i recommend replacing them with Golem metalurgist and Ragebinder. The openers are real powerful


How do you deal with clears? I kept spawning waves and they kept killing my lings


There is a certain card that will make Vaath run away like a little school girl after a clear. Also, I usually just murder them before they clear (or buff). Show me your swarm deck, we might be able to help


You never go bath?


So this is the swarm deck

And this is the deck that got me to gold for the first time the idea is to buff a ling and then oneshot the enemy


Personal suggestions: Take out Minos and Gloom, add in Grimwar and Shadowdancer. Also, you could trade BTA for Ritual Banishing


Yep there’s something beautiful in those games when a Vaath with 6 atk runs away from you


I once killed Vaath with 70 attack Lilithe