Simple question from a rookie


I feel somehow ridiculous, but I’m way curious to care.
What is the difference between these two? They look pretty much the same to me.
Thanks for anyone who comes up with answers! Sorry for my newbieness.
I have more cards like this, and all I see diff is the color of the background of the card.


The card on the right is a prismatic card. Prismatic cards are essentially the “holographics” of duelyst. The only difference is the background is shiny, and creature models will glow. Any card can be a prismatic card.

You can also turn them into spirit equal to their crafting cost, instead of being heavily reduced.


Wow, more useful information than I asked for. I really appreciate that. THANKS MAN! :argeonha:


inkling surge and another abyssian card is bugged with prismatics fyi!


Some note with prismatic cards

  1. Prismatic basic cards are obtained from faction level.
  2. Prismatic generals are unlocked at faction level 46 and 50, in order from first general and alternate general.
  3. Rise of the Bloodbound/Ancient Bonds cannot obtain prismatic cards, the only way to get them is to craft it. You need the original card however.


Prismatic generals must look dope. :upside_down_face:


Their bloodbound spell is also prismatic as well, very noticable on Lilithe and Zirix as the token summoned became shiny.


Just linking for @isbee’s 2018 FAQ.


Some advice BTW: Since you’re new, you may want to buy core set orbs, as a lot of faction staples (Really good cards) are in the core set. Unearthed prophecy is pretty much just icing on the cake.


Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4…2018…definitely one of those…right?..right.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks a bunch!!!


Prismatic MK2’s look dope. They cost a but ton of spirit in the armory though


Hmm maybe that’s what I should spend my spirit on.


But which one?!


Vaath or starhorn as they are the only that are prismatic that I have.


I think I got lucky!!!
Or is this jus’ normal?
Anyways, I was quite angry for losing 5 matches in a row… But then I felt happy when this happened.


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