Silver Rank is frustrating / What are the things you dislike most in-game


I have enough of it.
At this rate I’m going to have to play Vetruvian.
And god knows I don’t want to.
I’m 64 hours in and I can’t quit Silver rank. This is extremely frustrating.
Send help.
I mean, damn, the difficulty jump between 16-15 is bigger than the Grand freaking Canyon.
I don’t know. Maybe I’m just bad at the game.
I want to blame RNG so much for all of this but it’s at the very core of the game so…

Anyway, the topic here is to discuss the things you like least in-game.

Personally, I find it extremely annoying when someone has 1 mana left but still finds a way to think about what he could do. Well, sometimes it’s just me who didn’t notice it’s my turn but it still is annoying.


I would be glad to help troubleshoot your last experience for you if you want. What decks have you been running, and what decks have you come across the most?


add me and we can do some matches, i can tell you if you make some mistakes, im still bad at the game but i managed to get past silver a while ago.


@akurane Some Magmar/Songhai/Vanar decks I made a while ago. I usually match up against Abyssian, Vetruvian and Vanar I think. Occasionally I end up against an other Magmar. I don’t think I played much against the other factions.

@loni852 Thanks, I’ll probably do that tomorrow.


i just made it to silver today, currently lvl 18 and it kinda turns up the heat, but i’m loving it, my goal was to make it to silver and here i am, so now i go game after game and see where i end up.


Would you like to provide your lists? On the whole, I would say that Magmar and Vanar are especially strong against Abyssian and Vetruvian. Duelyst has a ton of microdecisions that add up very quickly.


In this cases, I think that Skorn and lightbender will be important tech cards when facing those decks. Like what @paralykeet said, seeing the deck lists you run will also help~


Your problem is simple: you’re new. :slight_smile:

Trust me, many of us have been there. In two months, if you stick with it and learn, you will look back on this thread and laugh.

My first month I couldn’t get above 14. Now it’s no problem.

This is a GREAT community, lots of help to be had if you ask for it. But be specific. Give decklists. Tell us what you like to play. Tell us if you need budget decks.

Feel free to add me in game if you like. I also run a stream dedicated to learning and would be happy to review some games and make comments.


Game is pretty tough, you should get there eventually when you learn what is most comfortable for you to play.

There is no must deck to climb with
but some ways are easier then others


Wow one of the first time I see a response like this in a game community! Love you guys! This is one of the reasons why I play this game!

Climbed at 13th rank and last month was 15th,just changed list and make a little more experience, I’m new but wanna see the diamonds soon!


@akurane @paralykeet Yeah. I’m going to upload them as soon as I can.

@qeltar Oh, that’s pretty cool. Stream link ? I’d also like to know your time zone, because it’ll be hard for me to watch if you’re streaming at 4 am in mine. I’m totally in for budget decks too.


wat? I’ve been playing meme groovy lion magmar deck since lion’s first appearance, and i had no problem to get to gold, yeah not very high but I’m a casual meme player, but with some improvements I could get to diamond (I have no Krons, and every deck in gold seems to run 3 of them)


You may want to have a look here:


I look forward to you joining us on the stream!
The link would be something like
I’m terrible with time zones, so I’ll just tell you that his stream will start at about 12.5 hours after the time of this post.


Ouch. This roughly is 3 am for me.


Thanks ! I crafted the full Reva deck, I hope I’ll do well ^^


Songhai is evil! Play Magmar instead! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do play Magmar :wink:


@phayze - Thanks man. :slight_smile:

@dewize - Sorry about the time zones. I do play a little personally earlier in the day but evenings my time are the only option for streaming. I do save all my streams, but it’s not quite the same.

Still feel free to add me, ask away if you have any questions.


what i dislike the most is who ever i am playing against at that moment. lol i took me a couple of months to finally get into gold. getting into gold can seem hard at times. remember positioning is key.