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Shoutout To Nefiblur

You might not see this, but @nefiblur I honestly was not BMing with my ‘wellplayed’ . With how aggressively you were smashing my face in I thought you had a Spiral Technique. once I got down to 9HP I thought I couldn’t do anything except play a threat and hope for the best (Especially after being frustrated by Purgatos RNG giving me a lethal I couldn’t use). I was genuinely confused when I saw that I had survived your turn.

Anyways, you played very well. That match was one of the funnest I’ve had in gauntlet especially since I was on 6wins-2losses, it was a true nail biter. Quick-tip: Near the end when I had Emberwyrm you didn’t need to play the provoke in his face. since you were at the wall, had you placed it above you it would have covered all the spaces and be more protected from being removed by my general or minions. Good luck with your future gauntlet runs and may you draft hailstone golem every time

Context : https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LjtRcVWtqtW7PZhdb-k

I drafted a decent Argeon list in gauntlet and my final game before 7 wins was against a super aggro reva. I start replacing to get purgatos and scintilla and hoping he doesn’t have some insane burst. We both had pretty poor removal so it was just us playing the biggest threats we could muster (I had to martyrdom a 9/9 Hamon!). Eventually my healing and BBS value stole back tempo, but I was left with 9 hp and he had a heartseeker. I play Emberwyrm and ‘Well Played’ because I thought I was going to be lethaled with Spiral. I survived and ‘confused argeon emote’ followed by a win with Aperion’s Claim.


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