Shout out to our Moderators! Love you guys <3


Give the moderators some love people! They enage with discussions, are kind and helpful, and most importantly contribute to the dank memes.


I know right ? I love it too :smiley:


They’re also active and fairly quick to admit their mistakes which is pretty cool. Talking of mods, where is Lyvern, why did he forsake us?


Agreed, thanks for doing what is often a thankless job. And sorry personally for adding to your workload today.


I think he went mad thinking about how much work it would take to moderate your forum participations :laughing:


True you are! My personal thanks go out to the mods who do their work, let it be known that handling people is far from easy and these people do it well. VERY WELL


Here here! Very nice work being done on these forums.


Our mods are the best. (Prideful smile) I’m glad I play this game :smile: