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Shouldn't be able to RNG pre-Built structures


As the title states, it’s far too powerful if you random a pre-Built structure from Grimes.

If you changed Meltdown because it could be played too soon and cause far too much random damage, thus ruining games, it made sense to increase it’s cost and change it’s stats and damge.

If you changed Chrysalis Burst due to the possibility of randomly getting way too powerful minions early and the opponent not having enough turns to possibly answer or play around it, it makes sense to increase it’s cost

Now, I love Duelyst because of the board, I know there will always be a roll in chance of what I draw/replace and what my opponent does too but most games will revolve around skill, knowing where to place minions, when to play minions/artifacts/spells, when to set up minions/artifacts/spells etc…

However it’s annoying and boring when a game is won or lost due to randomly getting something that completely changes the game, which is why 2 cards I mentioned above were changed, which on the forums/patch were explained why they were changed yet this can happpen.

So, the new Build mechanic came out and I like the idea of it, set something up and try to protect it, if you succeed you are rewarded with something powerful. Some being stronger than others.

Grimes ruins this, you don’t have to protect the structure for a certain amount of turns because hey… it’s already Built!!!

A little random is fine, too much kills the fun and joy of a WELL PLAYED game.

So in my opinion, ok, let Grimes have almost any possible minion but structures that are fully Built? No, a complete no. Some are extremely powerful, especially Abyssian’s "Gate to the Undervault".
If you want to have them being Built, that’s fine, but pre-Built, no

Please keep this game skill based

If you want to have a “For Fun Mode” then add a separate mode or game type for that, not in Rank.


Dude it’s so inconsistent tho, like how many people even play grimes as a win con? If you lost to grimes u were probably losing anyway.


I wasn’t losing most games, I still win FAR more than lose, but is it fun when you win against a foe who uses so many RNG cards?

Is it also fun when you happen to lose because of such randomness?

My point was clearly posted, if you don’t understand it, I’ll explain again.

The game is mostly skill base
Let’s keep it that way
It’s very possible to lose a match from something so random, even if you are winning greatly.

Even some streamers have played “Meme” decks and have shown this, RANDOM can be SUPER POWERFUL but also SUPER USELESS

You will either feel a cheap win or a cheap lost

Also note, how dare you insult me without even knowing how many games I’ve played and whether or not I was winning or losing.

Please see my point

I don’t play this game to just win, I really do enjoy this game and if you think winning is my only satisfaction I’m letting you know YOU’RE COMPLETELY WRONG.

Build mechanic
From what I understand the con to them is waiting for them to be built
You can’t move them
and do nothing till built

Grimes destroys this… period

2 other cards had some randomness to it as well, as mentioned above, please use some constructive criticism as why these cards were changed, and maybe you disagree and they shouldn’t have been changed and why Grimes should stay the same


Need more examples?

This card has limitations to what keywords it can obtain

Fate Watcher
This card has limitations to what keywords it can obtain

Want to know why?
For balance
To not be too strong and not be too weak

Grimes can stay basically fully random, I said that, clearly, but I added that it should not have PRE-BUILT STRUCTURES

If it randoms a random structure that still needs to be Built, THAT’S FINE, PRE-BUILT, NOT OK.


I think I see what you’re saying but considering Grimes is maybe the only crazy RNG card and has the possibility to summon basically any minion in the game, I don’t think it’s all that unbalanced. I play a lurking fear deck that utilizes grimes as a tempo play at 4 mana, but I typically won’t ever play the card for more than that. There is a lot of strategy that goes into playing Grimes to the point where the whole deck sorta has to be built around it. But my deck still functions perfectly fine without grimes. In fact playing grimes sorta ruins the consistency. I just play it for the memes, cuz it’s real funny to see it pull gate. If it pulled hate every time I’d be super happy but more often than not I get a garbage 3/1 ahaha


Thank you for a better reply :slight_smile:

Although inconsistent, it shouldn’t have a chance of a pre-Built structure as many other cards have parameters/limitations of what random can occur, for balancing sake.

Another example is
Aspect of Shim’zar

To the best of my knowledge this card will not transform/roll Rawr

Once again, this doesn’t occur for balance sake

Although the card is inconsistent of what pet is spawned
It is consistent that it will be a pet and will attack at the start of opponent’s turn
Thus allows you to play/plan accordingly

As you said, some factions could summon this card sooner, such as Magmar or Abyssian which could be annoying and game ending if someone randoms a pre-Built structure so early.

I know it’s very, very inconsistent but prior to the latest expansion I had no problem with Grimes.

It’s random and many games were funny because of this card

With this new Build mechanic though, I think he shouldn’t be able to roll them pre-Built.


If it was winning games oppressively I might agree but honestly it’s such a niche card. And duelyst as a whole really doesn’t have much RNG so I think it’s nice to have like one card to fit that play style for people who are just making goofy decks. It’s real silly when it makes the gate automatically. I’m always like “wow what are the odds”


I agree with the OP. No card should have “OG: You have a 0.01% chance to instantly win a game” which summoning an intact gate basically is.


dude. i have a deck that is enterely based on rng. and belive. its not worth it. most of the time, YOU WILL LOSE. u will only get the god card from grimes once or twice in like, 13 games. its not broken. its rng. the thing is. we have high rolls (build minions, Big golens, a few vespyrs) and low rolls (any other card). most of the time, grimes dosent even hv value. it literally summons a battle pet. wich is just bait for decebot or godhorn. it literally kills your board. so yeah. p.s: the only card that can wing a game by itself is gate (in my opnion).


This is not an intended interaction that buildings come built into play. So just wait for the patch.


shimzar does roll rawr. it’s just that a lot of battle pets suck.


Exactly what I’ve been saying, even if it’s a risk it shouldn’t have that big of an impact for getting super lucky

RNG cards should range from bad —> good, not from trash —> bad —> good —> god tier


Nah, it can’t roll rawr. https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Aspect_of_Shim’Zar



The interaction is actually very much intended and confirmed as such.

So yes, Grimes will summon structures already built, that’s simply how it’s coded. The same holds true with Evolutionary Apex for instance.




huh… weird. I swear an enemy accidentally gave me rawr one time. Maybe it was through another mechanic.


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