Should you or should you not press the "Button"?


the Button as in the disenchant extras button, i’m afraid to do it but i have 0 reason to keep those cards except for the possibility that some things might get nerfed or buffed and thus nulifying my chance of getting way more spirits.

what do you guys think? did you press the button?


I press it everyday


I’ll be even more happy to check a box in settings and have it auto pressed (mean auto disenchant extras) as soon as I have some.

Especially with the new patch feature : free card everyday, means clicking everyday if you want to keep your interface clean :confused:


LUL, auto click, sounds like a deal to me.

@tsevech don’t you ever feel afraid that things might get nerfed and you lose out on spirits?


Simply put, no. I mean, nerfs are not super common and really pay a lot only in the case of legendary cards. I never had more than 3 copies of the same legendary anyway, which justifies why I’m particularly light at disenchanting


Always press the button and watch the spirit number raise as a countdown to the next legendary or deck. Well, thats how I see it. I know some people like keeping extras in case of nerfs but the chances of a card actually getting nerfed isn’t that high. Plus the cards that are most likely to get nerfed (or buffed) are from the latest expansion where you can’t disenchant for spirit anyway.


It depends on whether you want the spirit now or can wait.
I can give you my own numbers since I like statistics :slight_smile:

I have disentchanted nearly all patched cards and they have given me 18000 spirit.
All my extra cards would give me less than 15000 spirit.
But most of the patched cards I disentchanted were not extra cards, if I only had disentchanted extra patched cards I would have gotten 4000 spirit from them.


hmm hmm hmm hmm that makes me think.

i think i’ll press the button. XD


pressed the button and i got 3.5k

pretty good.


Happy you enjoyed the feeling, now be ready for compulsory pressing!


yeah been pressing it nonstop each packs lol XD


I press the button on the start of a new season


This seems like such a silly thread. Yes, you should, and there is absolutely no reason not to. They’re EXTRA, so you’re not missing out of anything. If you don’t have the self-discipline to not make idiotic or impulsive purchases that’s a different issue, but there is no reason whatsoever not to dust extras.


The clickability of the button depends on what extra cards I have. If they are just garbage commons and rares, then I would gladly push it. It I happen to have a controversal epic or legendary, such as Spectral Revenant and Decimus, I would hold off until the end of the month.


Makes no sense to disenchant anything unless you immediately want to use the spirit for crafting. Unused spirit does not earn interest so it gets you nothing while with un-disenchanted cards there is least is a small chance that they get changed and you get the full spirit value on disenchanting.


i will always have an immediate need of spirits. ; - ;


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